Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to get rid of a headache (works for me)

When I get a headache, I close my eyes and run through a inner-process that evaporates the headache. Here's how...

1) Close your eyes
2) Inside your mind circle around the headache
3) Observe the colors, the size, how it is moving
4) Observe what happens when you blow on the headache
5) Look for how the headache lightens as you circle around and blow on the the headache, the colors lighten, the size decreases and the movement becomes evaporative
6) REPEAT steps 3-5 until headache complete evaporates

I usually spend three to seven minutes on a headache.

Why does this work? Because two things can't occupy the same space. When you go inside your mind and blow good energy on yourself the headache goes away.

This works for me.