Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WHAT Would Bill Hicks say?

423,000 FANS NEED to know... http://is.gd/kLFw
I miss you Bill. CLICK link above NOW. Bill, you are missed, you are loved and you made an impact. I HAD A DREAM Bill Hicks made this speech http://is.gd/3vyI "How does one actually carry out a work of social welfare" LEARN here http://is.gd/kLpw

Friday, February 20, 2009


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Final March Mastermind has 5 Seats left (2/20 2:23 pm)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i remember

i know you love me
and i love you
and i remember when you had a crush on me
and that felt really good, too

i know you are exhausted
and i hope i help more than i take
i know most days i do

and the days i don't

please remember
you love me
and i love you

You need a Sexy Backend... Think Two Products Ahead

Thank you Tellman Knudson, Kyle Battis, Jodi Meehan & Warren Whitlock for building me a list and giving me my first glimpse at a Portable Empire!

This blog is for my dear friend Heather Vale ♡⁂ ♡

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Awakened Mastermind

Who else has ever wanted to do work once and get paid forever? Friday February 13... you learn how! We're throwing a birthday party for my good friend Lou Dalo and I'm showing him a product I made for him that teaches him (and you) how to make money as a mastermind leader.

1pm Easter 10am Pacific
Phone-Number to Dial: 218-486-1300
Use Conference ID: 938678

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

i'll pay you $230 to design this...

If two men build robots that conspire, does that make the two men co-conspirators?

Can you design a picture of a Robot building another Robot building another Robot

$230 contest

Operation LOVE Fest

"Love is metaphysical gravity."
~R. Buckminster Fuller

Dear Loving Reader,

On Twitter.com please use #Love09

Thank you for sharing my love. Please allow me to explain what and why I've launched #Love09 on Twitter.com. #love09 is an idea inspired by Twitter marketing genius @WarrenWhitlock.

You see, Warren created the most popular hash-tag on Twitter for 4 days, 12/31 to after noon 1/4 #Happy09 was the most popular Tweet. I asked Warren what was the secret of his success and...

Warren said to me, "Ben, this is something I like to call The Reece's Effect. I brought together two scrumptuous ideas and they tasted even better together. The magic comes from applying The Reece's Effect to a topical topic." As a marketer I like to swipe winning constructs, templates for success.

Valentine's Day is a topical topic. My marketing hypothesis is that #Love09 is what the world needs more of right now. We need more love. I need more love at least. I hope you will feel ok with me saying to you, I love you.

My good friend Warren Whitlock and I say "I love you" to each other because it feels good to communicate love. The fact that saying "I love you" feels good could be reason enough to launch a hash-tag on Twitter like #Love09, a hash-tag allows Twitterers to click and see all those discussing a specific idea like #love09.

Please see comments for details on my LOVE PROJECT...

Thank you!

I Love you.



CLICK comments for details on my LOVE PROJECT

Friday, February 6, 2009

the day My sister died, and came back...

1994 i was told my sister died. When the call came that my sister died I drove to the airport to be with my mom. By the time I landed in San Diego, my sister was recovering.

My sister's heart stopped, would not re-start & the doctor told my mom that Haley was dead and there was nothing more they could do. My strong mom, a mom who had raised Haley & me on her own refused to hear the doctor's grave statement, and my mom demanded the doctor say a single sentence to my sister...

I'd like 2 tell you the sentence that brought my sister back to life. This was 1996 and 13 years later my sister is alive although I would not say either healthy or happy. She needs money & fewer people messing with her.

Haley Mack has survived 4 open-heart surgeries and 5-heart valves. Please notice the 4 surgeries AND 5 heart-valves.Therein lies the moment where my sister was declared dead.

Friends, I'm setting my sister up in business next week because she deserves the $1,000 a month I can easily make 4 her.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dr. Ben Mack LIVE at Austin Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Network LIVE meetup & LOVE FEST

Click the link... Even VIPs must RSVP. Thank you! Click HERE to RSVP

Tuesday, Feb. 10
7pm to 9:30pm
@ Six Lounge @
Southeast corner of...
4th & Colorado
downtown Austin

I'm bringing 50 Pendulums just for fun to...

The Austin Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Network (aka AIMEN)

StomperNet is sending 23 copies of The Net Effect
with Dr. Ben Mack's new article just for fun to...

Ben Mack's recent Boise Story... My apartment contract expires March 12. I'm likely to find another place downtown. Here's what's happeneded so far... 4.5 months after residing in Boise he produces a seminar yielding a documented 52 nights of heads in beds. Dr. Ben Mack's services have already influenced Idaho TV. The Idaho Dairymen retained Ben's services and his strategy can be seen in the new wave of milk, yogurt and cheese ads that just started riding the greater Idaho airwaves. What's next? Mastermind Awakening! The pilot class of Mastermind Awakening was recruited from my Boise seminar, ESPbootcamp

HELLO AUSTIN? Click the link... Even VIPs must RSVP. Thank you! Click HERE to RSVP