Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to get rid of a headache (works for me)

When I get a headache, I close my eyes and run through a inner-process that evaporates the headache. Here's how...

1) Close your eyes
2) Inside your mind circle around the headache
3) Observe the colors, the size, how it is moving
4) Observe what happens when you blow on the headache
5) Look for how the headache lightens as you circle around and blow on the the headache, the colors lighten, the size decreases and the movement becomes evaporative
6) REPEAT steps 3-5 until headache complete evaporates

I usually spend three to seven minutes on a headache.

Why does this work? Because two things can't occupy the same space. When you go inside your mind and blow good energy on yourself the headache goes away.

This works for me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sitting in an empty theater

This blog is a new thought experiment. This blog takes the reader through a process known to cure irrational fears and phobias. Can a person cure themselves of irrational phobias simply by reading a blog post? You tell us if this works for you, or send your friends to: http://ImagineYouAreHere.com

Before we begin, I want to make absolutely sure that you want to be cured! Perhaps there's real-world safety in having your anxiety, albeit to a lesser extent. That's 100% fine, simply realize that if you want to remove an anxiety or a phobia, it can be 100% gone in as few as three or four times of going through a mental exercise.

Imagine you are here sitting in an empty theater. I'm going to ask you to do a few things really quickly. So that, when we're done, your phobia won't bother you at all, ever again.

I'll give you step-by-step instructions, and then you may want to close your eyes and go inside and follow these directions:

1) Imagine you are sitting in an empty movie theater. On the screen, you see a black-and-white snapshot just before you had a phobic response.

2) Now float out of your body to the projection booth above. From the projection booth, you can see yourself sitting below and see yourself in the still picture on the screen.

3) From the projection booth, you play the movie of the black-and-white snapshot, from the beginning until just beyond the end of the unpleasant experience. Freeze that slide frame!

4) Now leave the projection booth and jump inside the the slide on the screen. Change the picture to color, and run that image backwards as fast as possible.

5) Notice in what ways you can now look at phobic stimulus without a reactive response. Leave your comments and questions below please.

Now is the time to close your eyes and see yourself experiencing life differently. For many people, simply engaging with their fears in reverse loosens up the hold they used to have on folks.

Some NLP patients of mine found value in freezing the movie at a painful part, turning that sepia tone, and turning it into a postcard they folded and put away.


Ben Mack

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zen & The Art of Zynga Poker

Friends of mine meditate in different ways. For me, it’s Zynga Poker.

My friend Maria Morris wakes up early, sits quietly and breathes, “My thoughts are howling dogs. And sometimes I have a cat that’s been indoors and sees Mommy is awake and wants to be fed and lets me know by meowing every ten seconds. So meditating with either dogs or cats or thoughts: why bother? Because it helps focus during difficulties. AND when you create that habit, it also opens the door to peace, joy, and the divine.”

I want peace, joy, and the divine.

And, I’ve explored a little with meditation. But nothing gave me that consistent grounding until I discovered tournaments on Zynga Poker.

For me, meditating is playing a whole tournament sticking strictly to Basic Strategy. You see, I am an adrenaline junkie. I’ve heard myself talk myself into calling or betting with garbage cards. I want to play more hands than would usually be profitable.

How do I meditate? I play a poker tournament on Zynga. My goal is to follow Basic Strategy, which requires I slow myself down. I find again and again that Basic Strategy outperforms improvised exceptions to the rules. When I win you can hear me yell, “Thank you Basic Strategy! Thank You BASIC STRATEGY!”

If I were really meditating, I’d be content with following Basic Strategy and I wouldn’t allow my feelings of winning and losing to over shadow my ability to follow a predetermined plan for my play.

What I do know is that on days I can’t stick to Basic Strategy, I’m on tilt. Time to slow down a notch, or two. That’s when I notice… Wow, I was rushing.

In that moment, I breathe easier.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Ecology... we are living information

We replicate DNA as bio-information, living information. Memes ride on DNA, impacting the distribution of DNA.

Memes bond with humans all the time, affecting our behavior. When we sense things differently, our behavior changes. Memes you ingested today may impact your optic nerve for the rest of your life.

From a replication perspective, the human brain can be seen as a female host in which memes replicate themselves into active form, impacting their environment via the altered human actions.

This appears to me as interspecies symbiosis.

With Mans ability to wield mass energy, it appears to me as an intellectual error to take the phenomenal world as more or less real than it's memetic counterpoint that holds the space for its present existence.

We take salaries and turn the dollars into choices, content and information. There is an emerging language describing how everything is happening. We are part of this language. Changes in the content of the information changes us.

You are rich in streaming information, entering you, processed by you is projected outward. You are not often aware that you are doing this, when from a replication perspective, is all you are doing.

The changes in information can be told in narratives as stories, or backlinks to blogposts.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Magic Of The New Millenium

bridging the oughtsIn 2002, I was in a DAS meeting I shouldn’t have been with my colleague Ms. Kimberly Rushton. DAS is the strategic arm for cross-selling Omnicom clients.

In 2003, friends of mine published a legal version of my report embedded in the novel http://PokerWithoutCards.com. Few people could see what I described. Those who did fueled a growing fire by giving me intriguing quotes, the sound bites that help with hendselling Poker Without Cards, my novel.As a result of this book, Ben will never work in advertising again.
-Douglas Rushkoff, 2003

Poker Without Cards was called a cult-classic by our advocates, and much worse by our detractors. There were a few of us who bonded together and inspired some readership. Why?

It wasn’t for my prose. What I learned in that DAS meeting. In Poker Without Cards, I couldn’t speak to exactly what I saw, nor did I ever mention the name DAS. Here’s as close as I wrote in 2002…

HOWARD CAMPBELL: I work for Omniscient, the world’s largest media conglomerate. Our goal is to create a full interactive experience with our client’s products in the most rich and realistic environments possible. Omniscient sees its clients as a revenue delivery system. They aren’t a communication company; they’re a human interaction delivery mechanism, servicing everything from recruitment to health care to private investigation and security. They do population control, overseeing everything that relates to employees as depicted in George Orwell’s 1984. Omniscient companies interface with humans. They are beginning to comprehensively manage human resources. Humans are not souls, but energy to be extracted and managed.

DR. WILLIAM FINK: You are being a little extreme.

HOWARD CAMPBELL: Am I? Omniscient companies handle everything that relates to humans. From company culture to ascertaining if employees are doing what they are supposed to, all the way down to screening emails. When voice recognition software is privately available, they will screen phone calls also.

In the above excerpt from Poker Without Cards is a non-classified, poetic way of describing Omnicom’s business plan. In a satire, an artist is allowed to use the likeness of public figures in works of art.

The DAS Meeting
Ms. Kimberly Rushton and I were witness to a presentation that scared both of us, how a communication company transforms into a human interaction delivery mechanism with increased levels of surveillance. We saw a 45 minute PowerPoint in a hall of cheering salespeople and strategists.

I had a hard time processing that event. I told HR I was going to see my psychiatrist because I was seeing flashes of color. Later, she would claim I said no such thing to her.
How naïve was I? Very.

Let me explain what this technology means to your average corporate executive, around the globe…

Imagine you are an executive newly hired for a Fortune 1,000 company. Your compensation package includes all you communication devices, right? Guess who retains the right to mine that data? Voice recognition automatically captures phrases with keywords. Big Brother is not sponsored by your government, it’s brought to you by your employer.

In Poker Without Cards, I treat BBDO and Omnicom as public figures and I refer to them as CCEO and Omniscient. In other words, real life companies BBDO & Omnicom are in my novel as CCEO & Omniscient.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just for their Profits

Local cell phone accessory store needed a website. Here's what I gave them.
I simply wanted a strong indexing website with multiple calls to action.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

AIR IN THE PARAGRAPH => The Narcissist Is I

My Submission ISSUE #14
(theme is narcissism image is FPO)

The Narcissist Is I
by Ben Mack

Showering under tepidly warm water at New York Presbyterian Hospital Dr. Christopher Michael Barberio had a quaking insight—I am a Narcissist. Holy fucking Mary, mother of Jesus, Jesus was right. Jesus had been teaching him, “Forgive them for they know not what they do” and Dr. Barberio had been too self-absorbed to grok that this meant him, too.

Dr. Barberio’s head hurts, as it thumped the back of the shower just before he went slithering down. Awkward, yet safely situated, Dr. Barberio knows an orderly is about to bust in on him at any moment, and he knows his head hurts, and his mind is reeling from the blast of the impact inside his mind, realizing he is a Narcissist.

Orderly Adigbola bursts through the unlockable bathroom door yelling, “What was that?” She’s a virago, an angry woman who eats through her denial and does faux Zen on the weekends to discharge the pain she inflicts on others for a living. Imagine a black version of Nurse Ratchet, only with less power and more rage.

It is unpleasant for anybody to be a naked patient in front of her, especially a doctor.

“I fell” dismisses Dr. Barberio as he grasps the shower-hand-rest to help himself up. Hospital showers are about as safe as they come, following self-contained underwater colonies and submarines. Stay on focus… explain what happened. “I slipped.”

Adigbola, “I see that. You faint or something?”

Hoisting himself up, Chris turns off the shower. “My foot must have been between the non-sticks when I turned on the ball of my foot and the next thing I knew I was slipping.”
This is the time to be as humble as Chris can muster, which is truly what he intends based on his insight just moments ago. The trick here is turning off his reactive mind in the face of a vast superiority complex.

Chris takes his towel from beside Adigbola. “My foot must have been between the non-sticks when I turned on the ball of my foot, and the next thing I knew, I was slipping. I landed safely.” She is staring at him. Okay, time to dry.

Before unwrapping and exposing his genitals Chris turns away from Adigbola. Chris’ drying ritual starts with his hair. Under the stare of Orderly Adigbola, an intensity best described as sustained scrutiny, Chris asks, “Do you want me to see Dr. Jamie to look at my head? I’m not bleeding or anything, but maybe it would be good to be safe?”

Safe. That’s a magic word that hospital staff can’t hear too often. Ironically, it’s a word that when CIA operatives use means simply the opposite, the asset is a danger requiring containment. A safe house is not engineered for the safety and happiness of the person, but for the safety and security of the operation.

Adigbola, “That won’t be necessary.” She continues to observe Chris as he turns around. Now fully exposed, and presenting himself as carefree, she crosses her arms and says, “You just made me late for dinner because I can’t leave until after I write up this incident report.”

Dr. Chris censors himself from asking: what incident. The primary difference between a so-called hospital and a traditional corporation is how they sort minutia. For instance, when somebody in a for-profit occupational environment says what incident, everybody upwardly mobile gets those words to be code for: let’s pretend this didn’t happen. However, in so-called non-profit hospitals that phrase is heard as caustic and a symptom of denial.

A secondary distinction between hospitals and healthy corporations is their relationship with the absurd. No well-branded corporation would have a classification of folks called rapists. Throughout most Western hospitals you will see signage like that of Howard W. Campbell THERAPIST

Lucky Mike, also known as Dr. Christopher Michael Barberio had been meditating on the wisdom of Jesus of Natheris when figuratively lightening struck.

Jesus had been teaching him, “Forgive them for they know not what they do” and Dr. Barberio had been too self-absorbed to grok what this meant for him, until moments ago. What Chris transubstantiated appeared to him as an enveloping lovingly warm pink light filling his shower as he realized that as he was capable of forgiving other for they knew not what they did, he was capable of forgiving himself for what his own trespassings because he knew not what he had done, back then, at those times.

He was free at last.

To the amateur, or layman, sharing such an insight might appear hugely therapeutic. To the high strained professional such as Adigbola, this is evidence of need for greater medications. The mentioning of religious experiences without the context of a Judeo-Christian arbiter of reality, frequently called a priest, pastor or minister, would be alarming to a pseudo-Zen practicing aggressively-anti-socialite such as New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Adigbola.

For Adigbola and scaredy-cats like her, “Zen” is a panacea to “forget” traumas. She’s not likely to see that she smothers her monkey-mind the way an alcoholic tames their demons. So it goes.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

magic, fire & sanity

"A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist." ~R. Buckminster Fuller

Sanity to me is seeing one battle, an individual struggle of accepting whatever death means to you; insanity is insisting others share your perception of reality.

Any war is a collaborative dance, accelerating an inevitable reveal regarding what death means to each of us.

Some say the world will end in fire...

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire, I hold to those who favor fire.
(no True Bokonist will agree with me)

And if the world shall parish twice,
I feel that for ditraction ice is also great,
and will suffice.

Thinking leads to weaponry,
feeling leads to compassionry.

Until we grok contelligence,
We are frocked systemically.

Until magic is dispelled as reality,
we are imprisoned in a sacred age
of darkness, rarifying wonders
as so-called miracles.

Those whom are bound by desire,
see only their outward continer.
Yet their burning fire completes
our shared retainer.

Trauncated is our outward container,
denying a Fuller grace of interconnected magic.

Truth beauty; beauty truth... That is all I know
of magic, and all I need to know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Completed 1st Draft

Magic Without Cards is now titled...

Click here <= to download draft
23rd June, eleven days until Independence Day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magic Without Cards

Cosmic Fishing
Chapter 1

"The most important thing to ask about any technology is how it changes people." ~Jaron Lanier, You Are Not A Gadget

How is reading this book the best thing to happen for you? If you can't make a list of at least three things by the end of Chapter 1, ask for your money back.

Experiencing life as happening 'to you' rather than 'for you' results in dramatically different emotional benefits. And, whether you believe you can feel a difference in seeing the world as happening for you versus to you, or you believe you can't, you are right.

I am writing to the fisher in each of us. Fishers never stop fishing, and pros often switch streams. I cast my rod as a form of meditation. When I catch a player, we jam for a while, and my goal is that neither of us ever feel caught.

The trick to fishing for a living is fishing every chance you want. Otherwise it's just a job, and as a Canadian friend of mine reminds me: that aint what I'm writing a boat. We cast our rods to question our answers as we ask ourselves, "In what ways is this the best thing to happen for me?"

As the key to having money is having sum, the trick to answers is havinge one. Having more than one answer is like having more than one watch, you're never realy quite sure which one to believe. If you want to come cosmic fishing with me, leave your answers by the stream's side.

My fisher friends don't stop fishing for long. We all need to hike from one stream to another, and sometimes that's exactly where we catch an amazingly wonderful flying fish.

Our mindful aye may sea a spade as a symbol of a soldier; almost nE1 will agree a club began as a weapon of war. The beauty of diamonds to me, are their fluidity of transforming into money for these words some call Sequential Art, but that's not the shape of my heart.

When I break out my cards I may play the Jack of Diamonds, she may be the Queen of Spades, and by the night's early dawn, we play with ideas fresh and wild, and the memories of our idyl wilds may linger.

May we be careful with each other's feelings, so neither of us feels caught. Letting go is full of ideas, of memories best not described as fraught.

We each bought the ticket and took the ride. I'll beg your pardon if I pretend there was a sweat taken off this hyde. I get dramatic like that from thyme two Justin time.

Of love, those who speak without action know nothing. We've each felt the STING, and discovered to our cost, those who curse their luck in too many places, and those who fear, are lost.

And when I told you that I loved you, did you think there's something wrong? I'm not a man of too many faces. The mask I wear is one. In declaring I love you, I have experienced many joys beyond notation, regrets none.

I'm sorry. The last thing I heard is what I said. Please forgive me. Regardless of your saying I don't need forgiveness, doesn't release me from the craving. So I repeat to myself: "I'm sorry. Please dforgive me." and I add: "Thank you. I love you." And I repeat as necessay, each time I feel caught by your spell.

Simply because we are not together doesn't mean I won't love you forever. And, pardon me please if you feel caught in these words. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

I know I do.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Thank you.



Chapter 2

"Metaphysical gravity governs thought and actionsas traditional gravity governs inanimate objects."
~Howard W. Campbell, author
Poker Without Cards, Revision 2.5

This book is a call to acceptance. Denying gravity has never been known to make gravity go away. I am suggesting you are already getting exactly what you want.

Your subvocalizations of not getting what you want, or of the world not working perfectly, are auditory hallucinations. Your mind is an organ system of multiple intelligences.

In many weighs, auditory consciousness appears to me as the dumbest of your traditional six senses. Along these lines, your mind will tell you anything to sorurvive or be right.

Contrary to popular ken, 'stuff' and 'things' are the very substance of unreality. To me, every thing 'is' simply a reflection of your attachments. Yes, I know your reality is bound to have multiple internal consistencies. Very good.

May I request you not read my words as anything other than an additional take on reality? Hear this deal I want want to make with you: I won't make you wrong as you offer me the same courtesy.

Pardon me, if you must. We live in letigious times. There are times when I feel compelled to take exception to various realities, yours included, when and if, your take on reality leads directly to my liberties being curtailed.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Thank you for understanding Me.

Chapter 3

"I love you."
~Benjamin Garth

Universe runs regardless of the judgments of the minds of people. If what you believe 'is' actually true, there's not much need to think about It. Same goes for me.

So why write?

Getting my ideas out clears my mind. As you might already have grocked, aye c strings of words as technology.

Imagine ingesting these ideas as bringing levity to intensities we are priveledged enough to call our lives.

Can we agree that drama is what we create when we take the time to plan an unmet expectation? Writing helps me let go of past dramas, allowing me to write a history I find as agreeable. Without these words, I find myself replaying many of the words and actions I found as disagreeable.

In essence, I'm seeking humorous resolve to dramatic questions in my life. Writing for me, is a collection of notes to my slef that I happen to share directly with you.

I love me. In many ways, through multiple arrays, these collections of words simply say "I love you" to myself again and again and again and again.

"I love me."
~Herman Hesse, Siddhartha


"Don't fight forces, use them."
~R. Buckminster Fuller

From a perspective of infinite abundance, simply because something 'is' real, doesn't warrant my attention.

Some may call me a recluse. These same peeps regularly appear to me as IRAs... shorthand for I Require Attention.

Recently, I played with the notion of consciousness being stored in a jar. I arrived at my conclusion inside New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) for the chronically insane.

In Chapter 5 I'll reveal my comprehensive conclusion. Before I take us there, I want to dispell a couple rumors about my so-called illness. I tend to prefer the wisdom of Dr. Chris Barberio over all the so-called doctors presently impeding my liberties from NYPH.

Before Chapter 5 I need to check a few mental boxes on human bondage, a.k.a. metaphysical gravity. By 'few' I mean three: 1) Finite Love vs. 2) Infinite Love, 3) Attraction. And, before I discuss a few distinctions surrounding human bondage, allow me to explain how I voluntarily became a ward of the state of New York: when I ran out of money, I continued to make mental bets.

Now, Dr. Chris Barberio, a restauranteer in Quakertown, PA, a memetic cousin to Art Reid, in other words: a real person, recently explained to me:
"There are at least two types of love Ben:
Finite Love and Infinite Love..."
~Dr. Chris Barberio
After talking my ear off for somewhere between two and three hours Dr. Barberio finally concluded with:
"...there is only one Infinite Love."
~Dr. Chris Barberio
Gar, attraction is best summarized to my sixth sense by Dr. Joe Vitale in his seminal book Spiritual Marketing. However, b/4 we go further, I want to throw my two-bits into this ring of ideas.
Chapter 6 will compare and contrast the venerable ideas of Dr. Chris Barberio's Finite Love to Blair Warren's One Sentence Persuasion, followed by by chapter(s) 7+ where if permitted, I quote Dr. Joe Vitale on Branding as his words compare to Dr. Barberio's ideas on Bruce Barton and Infinite Love.
Chapter 5 begins with what appears to me as conclusive proof we cannot store consciousness in a jar.
...to be continued.
Chapter four is incomplete

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ride the C.R.E.$.T... 1hr Mastermind

25 Thanks.

Hear by pressing play...


Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

i read A. Einstein as sayin' Løve => cøntelligence...

Hey Howard W. Campbell...

"That's an awefully big word
for an Internet Marketer ;-)"

i'm JU$T Sayin'


I can either direct Me Energy at cyphers like
e.g., => CLEARly CHANNELing just for profits $UCK$

Can we all agree MO$T People won't c the tripple Pay-Off phrase?
So how am i "required" to communicate in a litigous society?
You tell me... PLEA$E

Here's the best i Got...
I repeat the phrase "In what ways is this the best thing to happen for me?"
iT is AMAZING what comes to my MiND.
I want to debate The Amazing Randi.
i'm just sayin' I'll win the hearts, he might
keep Hi$ MONEY.
we WiN.

Love u Audro ;-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mønday is The Wørd.

So says the royal Me.
Preemptive Løve => FIR$T $TRIKE

Operation Løve Me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today, Mother's Day is The Wørd.


The answer to that COSMIC FISHING question you asked
me when I was 23-years-old? You asked me if I had learned
from R. Buckminster Fuller how to save the world. That was
an awefully big question Mom. I'm still working on iT.

Your present today is as far as I've gotten...

♡⁂♡ ☞ ℞№23™ ♡⁂☮

That's about iT.

What I know is that I love you,
and that http://Loveistheanswer.TV

I love you Mom.


Ben & Aucrey
my blog to you Mom http://TheAnsweris.Mobi
or http://TheAnsweris.TV They are all parts of
the bow on this digital present Mom. c u soon.


Branding is better known as Santa Clausification.

“Santa Clausification” is what Princeton professor Cornel West calls turning a real-life figure of history into a brand cultural symbol. Santa Clausified today, Easter Bunnified tomorrow – Let’s remember, Nation, that real people have flaws and complexities, and branding is what allows you to modernize whatever you popularize in your own echo zone.

With the greening of our minds, the heart of our problems is given to us on a branded silver platter, adorned with chocolate, candies and presents from the age young, that all you have to do is say you believe and your sponsors keep giving you CHRI$TMA$ GIFT$ covered in multi-dyed-non-biodegradable-non-hemp paper, in the name of the baby Jesus at a time of year when nobody is lambing, Branding.

Now if you are like me, The Wørd Branding conjures up the image of searing flesh and soon to be steak. Yummm, I love the smell of Branding in the Morning.

The popularizer of Branding in the morning of course is Edward Bernays who introduced Americans to eating bacon in the morning by confusing doctors in a survey that he then spent decades merchandising the one result of one survey to convince moms that it was good for their children to eat a Hearty Breakfast that included bacon.

Edward Bernays wasn't content to serve branding in the morning. Oh no! Edward Bernays had to convince women to smoke. He engineered a stunt where wealthy debutantes would smoke a cigarette in an Easter Day parade and had a story set-up where he equated smoking with women's rights to vote and within 90-days the incidence of women smoking in America went from 3% to 23%.

How did he get existing women smokers to take up his sponsor's BRAND of cigarette? Edward Bernays popularized The COLOR Green, with a now notorius Green Ball where the wealthies and most influential folks in New England help popularize the color green as a fundraiser for a childrens hospital all the while running a media play that inspire women to smoke his BRAND of cigarettes.

But he had Help, Edward Bernays could not have done this all on his own!

You see the color Green was already on the road to fame... By the Jolly Green Giant!

And now we all know The Power of BRANDING Green.

and that's The Wørd.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love is the ANSWER.me

(jv alert)

Peace LOVING Pirates

WANTED 9/19!

Great Pirate Bucky


Ahoy Great Pirate!

Tuesday 5pm Eastern

Discover the bounty to be had,
by celebrating not what is bad.

On 9/19 Great Pirates are circling the sea,
sailing in ways that good energies will churn.

By showing-up here, I hereby guaranty,
upon arrival you will suddenly see,
a profitable way to look at you and me.

Love is the answer.

~ Great Pirate Bucky


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lord Of The Rings... Jake Fest


I know my strategies have often appeared incomprehensible to you.

Finally, web rings made easy => A + B + C = Traffic Ring

A = ChickBoobs.info The Invite

B = ChickBoobs.com Backstage

C= ChickBoobs.Tv The Show

Arg... Ahoy matey Jake,

A pirate show doesn't get much simpler than that!

Ahoy other Great Pirates, you Grokkin'?

Yours in Great Pirate Adventures on the high seas!

~ Young Pirate Bucky

aka Howard W. Campbell

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Great Pirate Bucky

Think Piece B23

My recollection of a conversation with Bucky.

Once upon a reality, when I was twelve, R. Buckminster Fuller explained to me...


The Great Pirates, the traders and sea dwellers who needed men organized on land to expedite their trading created monarchies.

Pirates were inherently outlaws. Pirates lived outside the system. The only laws that could, and did, rule them were natural laws.

Pirates battled with one another to see who was going to control the vast sea routes and, eventually, the world. Their battles took place out of sight of land dwellers and the keepers of written history. The losers generally went to the bottom of the sea. Those who stayed on top of the waters, and prospered, did so because of their comprehensive abilities. They were the antithesis of specialists.

Pirates were applied scientists. The wider and more long-distanced their anticipatory strategy, the more successful they usually were. Experience proved that multiple ships could outmaneuver one ship. So pirates created navies.

Bucky pointed out that historians maintain that countries created navies—only countries had the infrastructure to build and sustain navies. But, that’s what our history tells us. But, history is simply a story agreed upon.

Bucky maintained that pirates created countries. Western civilization didn’t just spring up simultaneously along different coasts. Trade prompted the development of countries. People were trading via shipping routes. Businessmen. Pirates. Pirates created foci of power. To consistently sustain a navy, pirates had to control mines, forests, and lands to build the ships and establish the industries essential to building, supplying, and maintaining their navy. The pirates went to the various lands where they either acquired or sold goods, and picked the strongest man there to be the pirate’s local headman. The chosen man became the pirate's general manager of the local realm.

If the chosen man in a given land had not already done so, the pirate told him to proclaim himself king. But this king was a stooge to commerce. His sole job was to maintain order on behalf of the pirates. Order was most easily maintained by having the local king proclaim that he was the headman of all men, the god-ordained ruler on earth. The locals weren’t traveling, so they saw no disparity. The pirates gave their stooge-kings secret lines of supplies that provided everything they needed to enforce their sovereign claim. The more massively bejeweled the king's gold crown, and the more visible his court and castle, the less visible was his pirate master.

Masters had to sleep occasionally, and therefore found it necessary to surround themselves with super-loyal, muscular, but dumb-as-shit, illiterates, who couldn’t see, nor savvy, their masters' strategies. There was great safety in the stupidity of these henchmen. The great pirates realized that the only people who could possibly contrive to displace them were the truly bright people.

Secrecy was the pirate’s strongest defense. If the other powerful pirates didn’t know where you were going, when you’d gone, or when you were coming back, they wouldn’t know how to waylay you. If anyone knew when you were coming home, small-timers could come out in small boats and waylay you in the dark and take you over, just before you got home tiredly after a two-year treasure-harvesting voyage. Hijacking and second-rate piracy became a popular activity around the world's shores and harbors. So, secrecy became the essence of the lives of the successful pirates. That’s why so little is known of these pirates.

These great pirates said to all their kings, statesmen who were functionally only lieutenants, "Any time bright young people show up, I'd like to know about it, because we need bright men." So, each time the pirate came into port, the local king would mention that he had some bright, young men whose capabilities and thinking shone out in the community. The great pirates would say to the king, "All right, you summon them and deal with them as follows: As each young man is brought forward you say to him, 'Young man, you are very bright. I'm going to assign you to a great history tutor, and, in due course, if you study well and learn enough, I'm going to make you my Royal Historian, but you've got to pass many examinations given to you by me and your teacher.'" And when the next bright boy was brought before him, the king was to say, "I'm going to make you my Royal Treasurer," and so forth. Then the pirate said to the king, "You will finally say to all of them: 'But each of you must mind your own business or off go your heads. I'm the only one who minds everybody's business.'"

And this is the way schools began, as royal tutorial schools. And, it’s the way specialization began. It is our current form of education. Academic education equals specialization. Exclusively, the great pirates retain comprehensive knowledge. Exclusively the great pirates, known today as businessmen, enjoy knowledge of the world through its resources.

Bucky emphasized that this is not a metaphor or some kind of syllogism and that he was not being facetious. He held the pirate story as a more accurate history than found in traditional textbooks.

This was the beginning of schools and colleges, and the beginning of intellectual specialization. The development of the bright ones into specialists gave the king very great brain power, and made him and his kingdom the most powerful in the land and, therefore, secretly and greatly advantaged his patron pirate in world competition with the other great pirates.

The power rested not with the power figureheads, the kings, but with the men behind the kings, the great pirates. Just as today, a corporate president may be the king, but the power is in the hands of the board of directors—the ones never charged with corporate crimes.

Bucky saw our current world order as derived from deception and maintained through deception. Bucky’s key criticism of this deception is a perpetuated fallacy of scarcity. Scarcity is required to maintain the tension required for competition. It is intrinsic to the divide and conquer master strategy. However, most people are blind to the connection between competition and the divide and conquer strategy.

A Fuller Explanation

In 1980, R. Buckminster Fuller spent two days explaining his perception of reality to me and two other kids for Richard Brenneman’s book, Fuller’s Earth: A Day With Bucky And The Kids. Bucky found us deeply programmed and conditioned by society. He wanted to pursue the origins of specialization into deep history, hoping thereby to correct or eliminate our “normal” concepts. Bucky stated that misconceptions were intentionally perpetuated as a form of control over the masses. That it is naïve to think that certain misconceptions have not been intentionally held in place by local governments. This think piece, The Great Pirates, is an attempt to pass along a little of what he gave me.

For a Fuller version of this story, please see Operating Manual Spaceship Earth or my novel http://PokerWithoutCards.com. I’m working on my follow-up novel called Magic Without Cards. Not done yet. Planning on launching 9/19/10 Speak Like A Pirate Day. I don’t have a specific agenda for inviting you into these ideas. Please pardon me if I appear like I’m foisting Buckiness on you. Thank you Ralph for consuming this Think Piece. Now, may we all think peace?

Amen ;-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

another reality

You're traveling through another reality, a reality not only of sight and sound but of consciousness. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of our conditioning. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Pirate Zone!

Coming 9/19/10 Speak Like A Pirate Day coming to a reality that includes you

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PGA New Media event invite for you...

Producer's Guild of America invite

That's a very valuable link. RSVPing to that Producer's Guild of America event and you get iPhone Game consulting.

Q&A Saturday with a PGA New Media veteran, Blaine Graboyes.

Producers Guild of America's New Media Council is the premier industry association for entertainment producing professionals. Blaine just got nominated for their board of directors. He's the guy i shot Your Business Card is Crap with in Joel Bauer's house.

You can ask him about that Viral Video, or ask him for advice on your iPhone App.

Get the most of this rare opportunity to pick the brain of a man who has played on 9-figure-launches. The gaming industry is the largest segment of entertainment. If you are angling on getting your slice of that pie then you will shortcut your success by asking Blaine a question or two.

Q&A with Media Architect Blaine Graboyes
Saturday, April 24th at 1:00pm Eastern
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

To attend and ask Questions:
call (404) 260-0037
PIN: 173884#
Saturday, April 24th at 1:00pm Eastern

To attend Web Simulcast:
Saturday, April 24th at 1:00pm Eastern

This is an AUTHENTIC Q&A, not a pitch.

You should know what's coming next in New Media and how you can architect profitable tools into your 2010 business plans.

Yours in success,


You have to RSVP to this invite => http://pganmcdoylestown.eventbrite.com/

RSVP to that Producer's Guild of America event and get iPhone Game consulting Q&A Saturday with a PGA New Media veteran, Blaine Graboyes.

No offense, I'm just sayin' I'll drop you off the call on Saturday if you aren't on the invite list by then, 'kay? This is not a game.

Statistics on Mobile Phones

USA as of December, 2009:
  • Wireless Connections 285.6 M
  • Wireless Penetration 91% of total U.S. population
  • Wireless only households 22.7%
  • Total Annual wireless revenues $152.6B
  • Total Wireless Data Revenues 41.5B
  • Yearly minutes of use 2.3 trillion
  • Yearly SMS messages 1.56 trillion
  • Total registered U.S. cell sites 247,081

World Market share (Wikipedia)

The world's largest individual mobile operator is China Mobile with over 500 million mobile phone subscribers. The world's largest mobile operator group by subscribers is UK based Vodafone. There are over 600 mobile operators and carriers in commercial production worldwide. Over 50 mobile operators have over 10 million subscribers each, and over 150 mobile operators have at least one million subscribers by the end of 2009 (source wireless intelligence).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TAZ = Mass Persuasion, aka concensus reality

Kennedy, I love talking about the Kennedy assassination because to me it's a great example of, er, a totalitarian government's ability to, you know, manage information and thus keep us in the dark any way they... Oh sorry wrong meeting... Ah shit. That's the meeting we're having tomorrow at the docks. [winks] I love talking about Kennedy. I was just down in Dallas, Texas. You know you can go down there and, er, to Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was assassinated. And you can actually go to the sixth floor of the Schoolbook Depository. It's a museum called... 'The Assassination Museum'. I think they named that after the assassination. I can't be too sure of the chronology here but... Anyway they have the window set up to look exactly like it did on that day. And it's really accurate, you know, cos Oswald's not in it. "Yeah, yeh so wow that's cool." Painstaking accuracy, you know. It's true, it's called the 'Sniper's Nest'. It's glassed in, it's got he boxes sitting there. You can't actually get to the window as such but the reason they did that of course, they didn't want thousands of American tourists getting there each year going [Mimes looking out of window] "No fucking way! I can't even see the road. Shit they're lying to us. Fuck! Where are they? There's no fucking way. Not unless Oswald was hanging by his toes, upside down from the ledge. Either that or some pigeons grabbed onto him, flew him over the motorcade... Surely someone would have seen that. You know there was rumours of anti-Castro pigeons seen drinking in bars... Someone overhead them saying 'coup, coup' Coo. Unbelievable. And you know what's wild, people's, er, attitudes in the States about it. Talking about Kennedy, people come up to me: "Bill, quit talking about Kennedy, man. Let it go. It's a long time ago - just forget about it." And I'm like alright, then don't bring up Jesus to me. As long as we're talking shelf life here. "Bill, you know Jesus died for you." Yeah, well it was a long time ago. Forget about it! How about this. Get Pilate to release the fucking files. Quit washing your hands Pilate - release the goddam files. Who else was on that grassy Golgotha that day? "Bill, it was just, you know, hur, taking over of democracy by a totalitarian government, let it go." ~What Bill Hicks said

Puppet Master School starts Tuesday, 4pm Eastern

REPLAY of Monday Night's call with Pirate Tedd, Mark Widawer, Howard W. Campbell, Brian McLeod, Audrey Kerwood and me, Ben Mack, talking profitable smack about

Puppet Master Scool starts Tuesday at 5pm Eastern, and registration closes then. Enroll now and get bonuses.

Introducing ARGs and how to Think Two Sales Ahead…

"Amazing Secrets Revealed By Alternate Reality Game Strategist Eliminates Customer Apathy and Defections, Explodes Your Online Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams And Propels You To Own Their Hearts, Minds and Wallets This Year and Every Year Of Your Business Life!"

It works like magic but it’s so easy almost nobody does it right.
You'll ask yourself, how can something so simple
be so powerful... and so secret -

That's the way big advertising agencies like it.

Here is an incredible opportunity for you to...

• attract customers and secure deep loyalty

• dominate your market, with battle-hardened insider strategies known to only a few Fortune 500 companies

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• prevent clients from defecting to your competition

Dear Online Marketer,

If your business isn't the success you dreamed of, this is your opportunity for your business to do a 180 by finding the missing link. It doesn't matter what niche you are in, or what shape the economy is in.

When clients are magnetically drawn to your business, your merchant account sings with orders. Clients clamor to be the first to pay for your products.

But when your marketing is not effective, you wonder if your website is broken, your keywords have been disallowed, or your site has been removed from Google. And your bank account balance begins to plummet.


It drives online marketers insane. Every time they launch a product, they never know what to expect. All the advertising agencies tell you that if only you get your name and your logo out in front of the public long enough, customers will flock to your door. What a bunch of crap.

When you put up a web-based business you have three problems. First, you have to get people to your site. Second, they have to convert from Internet surfers to buyers. Third, you have to sustain it.

Studies show that if they don’t buy the first time they visit your site, they’ll never be back. At that point, you have an ad, not a business.

Puppet Mastering creates the sustainability that you’ve been missing.

What’s Your Internet Marketing IQ?

“Companies have to wake up to the fact that they are more than a product on a shelf. They're behavior as well.” - Robert Haas, Levi Strauss

There are Direct Response Guru’s who tell you Puppet Mastering is irrelevant.
Excuse my French… but that’s pure undiluted BS.

Here are the big lies ad agencies spread about Puppet Mastering:

• It’s ALL your NAME & LOGO.


• It’s useless “BRANDING” advertising.

Let’s Debunk the Puppet Mastering Myth
For smart marketers that are tired of seeing their bank account drain, those days are over.
Forget your pre-conceived notions of what Puppet Mastering is and look at it in a whole new light.

Named ARGs are not physical things, but they are the relationship between consumers and a product or service. Think of the word “Named ARG” as the likelihood for the customer to do business with you, again.

When the cost of acquiring a customer is your highest cost in marketing, repeat business is killer growth leverage.

My name is Ben Mack and my strategies have made hundreds of millions of dollars for big business. In 1996, I won the American Marketing Association’s Edison Award for Michael Jordan Cologne. In ’98 I won the Silver Effie Award for my $100,000,000 Yomega Yo Yo strategy.

I’ve been involved as author, editor and contributor to 7 books on a variety of subjects. I’ve done seminars on creativity and lectured extensively, including a United Nations sponsored conference in Italy.

Now, I know you probably never heard of me – I was content to stay in the background with elite agencies. I’m a recovering advertising executive who’s realized that the advertising culture has it backwards. Awards mean nothing, but making money does…especially yours.

Big Agencies Don’t Have A Clue
What Works For You!

About a year ago, I accidentally stumbled into the world of online direct response marketing.

That’s when I discovered something. The average online marketer has absolutely zero-chance of getting one of the top ad agencies to scale down these secrets to suit their needs. They want the process cloaked in mystery and so called “proprietary strategies.”

Plus, if you don’t have 5 million ready to plunk down on the table, you’re not even in their game and they’ll turn up their nose and sneer at you.

Even more frightening…if you could afford to pay the staggering amounts of money they ask for, there’s no guarantee of results. They won’t tell you this but chances are they’ll stick you with an intern that has no real world marketing experience and the best you can hope for is a senior strategist will skim the work and make a change or two.

But the truth is most of the big agencies don’t work for people like you and me. They work for Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Levi’s, Chrysler, Microsoft and AT&T. They don’t track results like you do. They cast the blame around when things go bad and pat themselves on the back on the rare occasions they hit a “homerun.”

Listen up: What works for Coca-Cola is not going to work for you. Unless you have an advertising war chest containing, oh, a billion dollars.

(Here’s the Sourcebox copy.) WOW! According to Coca Cola’s October quarterly report, $1,612,000,000 was spent in selling and advertising expenses between July 1 and Sept. 30 2005.

Most books written on Puppet Mastering have been either academic or utter hogwash, completely missing what you can implement by a country mile.

Not knowing the power of Puppet Mastering to increase your customer base, most marketers muddle along and focus on transactions, leaving lots of money on the table.

Until now…
Here’s Your “Missing Link” To Consistent Profit. Seasonal ARGs.

Once you discover the secrets to reaching out of the monitor, tapping your target customer on the shoulder and inviting them to build a relationship and become a raving (and repeat) customer, inconsistency disappears.

That’s exactly what will happen when you unleash the power of “Think Two Products Ahead: Tools the Big Agencies Don’t Want You to Know, and How to Use Them for BIGGER Profits!”

“Think Two Products Ahead is the Holy Grail of Puppet Mastering, Advertising and Creativity; don’t spend another dime on advertising until you read this book. Ben Mack has written a masterwork that uncovers the truth and shows you how to create brands that people will buy with predictable regularity.” -Dave Lakhani Author of Persuasion: The Art Of Getting What You Want & The Power Of An Hour

And at first, I was more than happy to preach the gospel to a select few. I’ve shared my success formulas with some of the top Internet marketers on the planet. I advised them on communications, packaging, framing and brainstorming. Little did I expect what was about to happen.

I was begged to publicly spill my guts.

Soon the word got out. Even though my phone was ringing off the hook, I found I was helping fewer and fewer people. Although these are simple strategies, it just took too much time to explain from scratch.

Finally I had to put a stop to it. One morning at 4:30 I got a call from someone who just had to catch me before I started my day. After a late night of work, I was stunned!

Things were getting insane.

Once exposed to these overlooked tactics, average folks experience dramatic dependable results.

So, I decided to scale down the process and make it available for the first time to the little guy. Now online marketers can easily take their business to new heights.
I realized every “proprietary Puppet Mastering” scheme I’ve been exposed to has the same core strategies. So I simplified them, set them up to run on autopilot and unleashed them to revolutionize your online business.

When word got out, marketing guru Jay Levinson told me to talk to his publisher. They loved my ideas. They wanted me to make it “Guerilla Puppet Mastering.”
But there was this one little problem.
They asked me to write 350 pages.

I had everything packed into 150 actionable pages. The publisher argued with me about adding a bunch of “fluff” so the page count could be similar to other “Guerrilla” books.

I told them to “stuff it!” If I’d done it their way, it would have been so diluted… folks wouldn’t know where to start.

I want marketers to take action and profit from these secrets. After showing my work to a few internet gurus, they convinced me to bring this to you as soon as I could.
Imagine the head start you’ll have on your competition when you:

• Secrets that guarantee a steady flow of money making ideas with a simple step-by-step system that leads you by the hand to profits most marketers fail to notice

• How to produce more hot creative insights to out-think, out-position and out-compete your competitors… allowing you to finally own the majority of market share and customer loyalty in any niche

• What customers really want to hear in emails (but will never come out and tell you!) Explains what they crave from you… and why the monetary rewards of correcting this “communication breakdown” will blow your mind

• Why brand awareness is less a battle of truth than it is a battle for reputation and how you can crush competition that offer superior products (remember Betamax?)
People hate to be sold. They love to be seduced.
A level of enticement that puts your product or service “top of mind” is what creates sustainable business.

Get privy to this hot insider information and you’ll suck up revenue that most people miss.

ARGs Create BURSTS of Cash Flow... KEEP READING BELOW...

I’m not making a bunch out outrageous claims. I don’t need to. You wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of hype either.

So, here’s a true story of a businessman that dove in and took action on my advice.

Joost lives in Europe, I wanted to prove these strategies would work anywhere. Here, in his own words, were his results:

(Insert SMALL Picture of Joost)

“More Work Than I Can Handle”

Ben Mack has opened my eyes when it comes to Puppet Mastering.

Ever since I implemented his ideas from early January 2006 on, I have been adjusting my forecast upward. Original I had planned for a 50% increase in sales in 2006, but today even my most conservative forecasts mean doubling revenues in 2006 now.

All of which I credit to the deliberate Puppet Mastering changes I made as suggested by Ben Mack.

Especially his notion that Puppet Mastering is one of the strongest and most important resources available to a small company certainly impressed me. I used to think that Puppet Mastering would only be successful if you had a very large budget.

How wrong I was.

To give a few numbers:

• Google Click Through Rate jumped from 5.1% to 9.1%.

• Subscriptions to my free newsletter increased from 100 to 150 per week to anything between 250 and 350 people each week.

• Sales have gone up 206% month over month.

All this ever since I started to let my authentic voice be heard in all my marketing messages as taught by Ben Mack. In fact I am running software at tiouw.com which allows visitors to give karma points to specific articles I have written.

As you can see on the site, the articles that I immediately changed after reading Ben Mack’s work, now outscore most other articles by a factor of five. People recognize authenticity and value it.

But going beyond the cold figures, I now have a much better understanding of my relationship with my clients, my communication with them and most important… the reason why they choose to do business with me.

I am happy to say that I now have found a process by which I am enable to do the work I love most … for the rest of my life. Unlike my previous experiences I now have an automated lead generation and lead conversion set up that will continue to generate revenue. No more uncertainty about the future, for I am assured of more work than I can handle each and every day.

"People who want their company to build strong, deep relations with their customers and grow, owe it to themselves to learn what Ben Mack has to teach. I can recommend his teachings wholeheartedly." ~Joost van der Leij, CEO, TIOUW.com BV

KEEP READING... MORE good information below BUY BUTTON.

Big Dumb Advertising agencies make money keeping this stuff complicated. It’s no wonder Puppet Mastering is a dirty word to most direct marketers.

Just picture what an easy-to-implement system to fortifying your business that ensures customer loyalty…and you pocket more money.

Follow my lead, take some action and I’ll show you how you can make your sales more consistent by building brand equity.

Here’s How You Can Run Circles
Around Your Competition

There are a lot of great ideas out there to build your business. In fact, one of the things I noticed when I got involved with Internet Marketing was how well read people are.

At the big agencies, very few people read “Scientific Advertising.” Most were lazy weasels who had no concept of taking a risk with their own money.

But, the successful marketers I know are always learning. And there’s a reason you should consider tapping into me for this rare knowledge.

Shrewd tactics like:

• How to quadruple the quantity of “money zone” ideas you generate while brainstorming… in less than an hour… with just two easy to use tools

• Instantly discover 5 distinct ways to frame explosive offers and shortcuts to determine your winner

• Construct seamless and invisible cross promotions that don’t look or feel like marketing, but you get head-shaking results time and time again

• An amazing trick that instantly keeps assumptions from hitting you in the pocketbook (used by the greatest ad-men of today)

• 4 rules for Divergent Thinking that help you find new markets, new product feature and new needs you can quickly exploit profitably

• How every touch a customer (or prospect) has with your company, from your sales page, to your autoresponders, to your packaging (even downloadables) and your collateral reinforces an image that cracks the code of trust

• Why the 7 Deadly Sins can help you engage and bond with consumers in a nano-second. Customers are desperate to bond with people who use this.

• The Kama Sutra of Marketing: 5 basic positionings that seductively massage buyers and put your promotions in the money zone

What the Pros Say About
“Think Two Products Ahead”
And Why You’ll Get Results

"For a guy like me who used to absolutely, positively hate Puppet Mastering, this book is a revelation. Finally, a clear-cut confessional from someone who has actually worked in the deep carpets with the guys and guyettes in the designer suits. But Ben generously goes beyond the Wizard of Oz exposé (that takes down the scam Madison Avenue and its provincial cousins have been running on businesses for years)... and tells you what's good about Puppet Mastering, and how you can cash in on it for your business. I mean exactly, step-by-step. If you are in business and you have anything to do with marketing, you need this book."
-David Garfinkel, Author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

"Ben Mack is crazy to give these ideas away!"
-Mark Michelson
President/CEO, Michelson & Associates

“Ben Mack has written the most important book about Puppet Mastering to date. A dirty word to some, an overused word to others....Mack shows you how to make sure that YOUR customers BUY from YOU again. And that we can all agree is important. I've never seen a book that so clearly and concisely reveals the step by step process of Puppet Mastering and making the next sale. Thinking Two Products Ahead is something the finest entrepreneurs have done for decades...and there have been precious few who persistently think like this in the 21st century. If you want to make the next sale...and the next one after that, this book is the best investment you will ever make.”
-Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., author of The Psychology of Persuasion and, The Science of Influence.

“Finally! A step-by-step action plan that takes you by the hand and gives you the tools to explode your cash-flow by using stealth tactics to break down buying resistance. I've wasted tens of thousands of dollars with ad agencies in the past. Now I could run circles around them with what I've learned from Think Two Products Ahead. If you want to build a sustainable online business, this is a must for your library.”
Dr. Harlan Kilstein, Author of Steal This Book! Million Dollar Sales Letters You Can Legally Steal To Suck In Cash Like A Vacuum On Steroids

"Ben Mack brought me down to earth, opened my eyes, and gave me volcanic insight with a single paragraph.”
Howard Bloom, Author, Global Brain
Celebrity Maker: Madonna, Joan Jett, John Cougar Mellencamp among others

"Ben Mack’s take on Puppet Mastering makes so much more sense to me than what I’ve seen. After reading other books on Puppet Mastering, I’ve always been left with the feeling of, ‘Okay…uh…what do I really do now?’ The words sounded good, but that’s all there seemed to be. Now, I understand that the problem wasn’t me."
Philip M. Hamilton, CPA/ABV, CBA, CM&AA, CFE
President, Hamilton Business Group, Inc

"Ben Mack stole my material!!! Okay, I gave him permission. Wow! In a single chapter he accurately depicts how I get people to quadruple the quantity of ideas they produce. Then Ben goes on to give away the store, explaining how to quickly improve ideas and sort for profitability...I couldn't believe Ben was attempting to teach so much in so few pages but damn, he did it! Think Two Products Ahead is the most accessible approach to a sustainable business: making innovations relevant to your existing customers as you broaden your customer base. This book is money!"
-Harry Vardis,
President, Creative Focus, Inc.
Author, Potatoes Not Yet

“I will recommend one book on marketing and Think Two Products Ahead is it…easy to apply, yet profound, remarkable! The impact on my business will be real magic. I wish this book was around when I began in business. I thoroughly enjoyed Think Two Products Ahead and will be using the contents.”
Adam Eason, Author of The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis

"Dude, everything you touch is good. Thank you for publishing your Puppet Mastering scheme so my new agency doesn't have to BS our way through some phony proprietary system. You saved us a lot of wasted time and energy. Small agencies everywhere should be thanking you."
-Jared Scott
Managing Director
Stick and Move

"Finally, a business book that doesn't abuse my dad's word synergy. If it were up to me business folks would need a license before they used my dad's technology, especially incorrectly. Ben Mack gets synergy. If you read this book maybe you will, too. Fnord."
-Allegra Fuller Snyder, PhD
Daughter of R. Buckminster Fuller

"Wow! It’s good…I could write 156 pages of praise for your insight and writing ability, but I have to tackle updating 356 pages of Guerrilla Marketing so I kept it terse.”
-Jay Levinson, Author of the Guerilla Marketing Series

My Track Record- A Small Selection

• Yomega Yo Yo- $100,000,000 a year
• Michael Jordan Cologne- $80,000,000 the first year
• Bayer Advanced from $8,000,000 to 53,000,000 in a year
• Cingular up $56,000,000 in a year

Billiard Players Think Two Shots Ahead

Maybe you’re wondering what the heck Billiard players have to do with marketing.

Imagine a hustler in a pool hall. He makes his living by playing for money. If he doesn’t win, he starves, can’t drink beer, gets kicked out of his apartment, loses his girlfriend…you know the story.

He takes his game seriously and thinks strategically.

So he always thinks two shots ahead because he can keep playing if he sinks a ball. If he takes more shots and puts more balls in the pockets than his competition, he wins.

Marketing is similar to billiards; you always need to be thinking two steps ahead.

When you Think Two Products Ahead, what you’re going to do next appears different. You have laser clarity.

Now the little guy can have the same tools that the big agencies use, only scaled down to be effective for small business. And you’ll find they will give you an unfair advantage against your competitors when you use them.

These strategies will crystallize everything else you’ve read on marketing, copywriting and advertising… the common thread will be revealed before your eyes… like magic.

Let’s Get Down And Dirty Here

After a lot of discussion with my two partners on this project, I have decided to place an upper limit on the copies I will sell.

You may be skeptical that this is a scarcity tactic.

It isn’t.

The need for this knowledge is huge and I’m putting myself on the line with a very special bonus (more on that in a moment.) This bonus will take a lot of time and energy from me, but in return a few lucky marketers will get a killer head start on their competition.

If only half of the people that invest in “Think Two Products Ahead” take advantage of me… I’m going to be swamped.

So I’m limiting the number of seats to 23 live participants, and this buy button vanishes Tuesday at 4pm when class starts.

Anybody who knows me out there knows I mean what I say.

So, the 23 will be gone rather quickly and some people will have to pay 23 times the price to access my home-study-course in the fall.

And if you order today you’ll get these special
take-action bonuses at no cost to you!

Bonus #1: 30 minutes Personal Coaching from Ben Mack (a $250.00 value)
Accelerate your Puppet Mastering strategy with an ARG strategy session with Ben Mack.

Bonus #2 Legendary non-Puppet Masterer by Ben Mack's $197 PDF of TTPA

Bonus #3 Memetic Puppet Mastering—When you look at ideas as viruses you can leverage all the rules of biology to make your ideas more infectious. This is super advanced material that delves into biomimicry and organization of communication strategies. Consuming this PowerPoint is like taking the Red Pill in The Matrix.

Bonus #4: Special Q&A with eCommerce Catalyst Audrey Kerwood

Bonus #5: This is the very special bonus I alluded to above.
It’s ME! ($250.00 value) Howard W. Campbell... 30 Minutes of One-on-One coaching by phone on your Puppet Mastering. I’ll ask you to email me your draft legend platform and a completed exercise and I’ll walk you through making your ideas tighter, increasing their magnetism and turning on your magic.

That’s right; I’m going out on a limb here to personally boost your Puppet Mastering efforts.

When you order “Think Two Sales Ahead” you’ll be redirected to our first class page, an Instant Teleseminar... with a password.

I do ask that you’ve thoroughly read through the ARG material and do the exercises. Then you can contact me to reserve a consultation. I’ll answer questions, help with positioning, packaging, brainstorming, you name it.

I’ll give you 120 days to take advantage of this bonus.

Now for a limited time, you can learn these big agency secrets – For Free If You Like

Look, how much have you spent on educating yourself on Internet Marketing so far?

Some have spent thousands, some even tens of thousands. Many have certainly spent enormous amounts of time wondering, figuring, testing how to make that quantum leap in business.

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