Tuesday, June 29, 2010

magic, fire & sanity

"A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist." ~R. Buckminster Fuller

Sanity to me is seeing one battle, an individual struggle of accepting whatever death means to you; insanity is insisting others share your perception of reality.

Any war is a collaborative dance, accelerating an inevitable reveal regarding what death means to each of us.

Some say the world will end in fire...

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire, I hold to those who favor fire.
(no True Bokonist will agree with me)

And if the world shall parish twice,
I feel that for ditraction ice is also great,
and will suffice.

Thinking leads to weaponry,
feeling leads to compassionry.

Until we grok contelligence,
We are frocked systemically.

Until magic is dispelled as reality,
we are imprisoned in a sacred age
of darkness, rarifying wonders
as so-called miracles.

Those whom are bound by desire,
see only their outward continer.
Yet their burning fire completes
our shared retainer.

Trauncated is our outward container,
denying a Fuller grace of interconnected magic.

Truth beauty; beauty truth... That is all I know
of magic, and all I need to know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Completed 1st Draft

Magic Without Cards is now titled...

Click here <= to download draft
23rd June, eleven days until Independence Day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magic Without Cards

Cosmic Fishing
Chapter 1

"The most important thing to ask about any technology is how it changes people." ~Jaron Lanier, You Are Not A Gadget

How is reading this book the best thing to happen for you? If you can't make a list of at least three things by the end of Chapter 1, ask for your money back.

Experiencing life as happening 'to you' rather than 'for you' results in dramatically different emotional benefits. And, whether you believe you can feel a difference in seeing the world as happening for you versus to you, or you believe you can't, you are right.

I am writing to the fisher in each of us. Fishers never stop fishing, and pros often switch streams. I cast my rod as a form of meditation. When I catch a player, we jam for a while, and my goal is that neither of us ever feel caught.

The trick to fishing for a living is fishing every chance you want. Otherwise it's just a job, and as a Canadian friend of mine reminds me: that aint what I'm writing a boat. We cast our rods to question our answers as we ask ourselves, "In what ways is this the best thing to happen for me?"

As the key to having money is having sum, the trick to answers is havinge one. Having more than one answer is like having more than one watch, you're never realy quite sure which one to believe. If you want to come cosmic fishing with me, leave your answers by the stream's side.

My fisher friends don't stop fishing for long. We all need to hike from one stream to another, and sometimes that's exactly where we catch an amazingly wonderful flying fish.

Our mindful aye may sea a spade as a symbol of a soldier; almost nE1 will agree a club began as a weapon of war. The beauty of diamonds to me, are their fluidity of transforming into money for these words some call Sequential Art, but that's not the shape of my heart.

When I break out my cards I may play the Jack of Diamonds, she may be the Queen of Spades, and by the night's early dawn, we play with ideas fresh and wild, and the memories of our idyl wilds may linger.

May we be careful with each other's feelings, so neither of us feels caught. Letting go is full of ideas, of memories best not described as fraught.

We each bought the ticket and took the ride. I'll beg your pardon if I pretend there was a sweat taken off this hyde. I get dramatic like that from thyme two Justin time.

Of love, those who speak without action know nothing. We've each felt the STING, and discovered to our cost, those who curse their luck in too many places, and those who fear, are lost.

And when I told you that I loved you, did you think there's something wrong? I'm not a man of too many faces. The mask I wear is one. In declaring I love you, I have experienced many joys beyond notation, regrets none.

I'm sorry. The last thing I heard is what I said. Please forgive me. Regardless of your saying I don't need forgiveness, doesn't release me from the craving. So I repeat to myself: "I'm sorry. Please dforgive me." and I add: "Thank you. I love you." And I repeat as necessay, each time I feel caught by your spell.

Simply because we are not together doesn't mean I won't love you forever. And, pardon me please if you feel caught in these words. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

I know I do.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Thank you.



Chapter 2

"Metaphysical gravity governs thought and actionsas traditional gravity governs inanimate objects."
~Howard W. Campbell, author
Poker Without Cards, Revision 2.5

This book is a call to acceptance. Denying gravity has never been known to make gravity go away. I am suggesting you are already getting exactly what you want.

Your subvocalizations of not getting what you want, or of the world not working perfectly, are auditory hallucinations. Your mind is an organ system of multiple intelligences.

In many weighs, auditory consciousness appears to me as the dumbest of your traditional six senses. Along these lines, your mind will tell you anything to sorurvive or be right.

Contrary to popular ken, 'stuff' and 'things' are the very substance of unreality. To me, every thing 'is' simply a reflection of your attachments. Yes, I know your reality is bound to have multiple internal consistencies. Very good.

May I request you not read my words as anything other than an additional take on reality? Hear this deal I want want to make with you: I won't make you wrong as you offer me the same courtesy.

Pardon me, if you must. We live in letigious times. There are times when I feel compelled to take exception to various realities, yours included, when and if, your take on reality leads directly to my liberties being curtailed.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Thank you for understanding Me.

Chapter 3

"I love you."
~Benjamin Garth

Universe runs regardless of the judgments of the minds of people. If what you believe 'is' actually true, there's not much need to think about It. Same goes for me.

So why write?

Getting my ideas out clears my mind. As you might already have grocked, aye c strings of words as technology.

Imagine ingesting these ideas as bringing levity to intensities we are priveledged enough to call our lives.

Can we agree that drama is what we create when we take the time to plan an unmet expectation? Writing helps me let go of past dramas, allowing me to write a history I find as agreeable. Without these words, I find myself replaying many of the words and actions I found as disagreeable.

In essence, I'm seeking humorous resolve to dramatic questions in my life. Writing for me, is a collection of notes to my slef that I happen to share directly with you.

I love me. In many ways, through multiple arrays, these collections of words simply say "I love you" to myself again and again and again and again.

"I love me."
~Herman Hesse, Siddhartha


"Don't fight forces, use them."
~R. Buckminster Fuller

From a perspective of infinite abundance, simply because something 'is' real, doesn't warrant my attention.

Some may call me a recluse. These same peeps regularly appear to me as IRAs... shorthand for I Require Attention.

Recently, I played with the notion of consciousness being stored in a jar. I arrived at my conclusion inside New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) for the chronically insane.

In Chapter 5 I'll reveal my comprehensive conclusion. Before I take us there, I want to dispell a couple rumors about my so-called illness. I tend to prefer the wisdom of Dr. Chris Barberio over all the so-called doctors presently impeding my liberties from NYPH.

Before Chapter 5 I need to check a few mental boxes on human bondage, a.k.a. metaphysical gravity. By 'few' I mean three: 1) Finite Love vs. 2) Infinite Love, 3) Attraction. And, before I discuss a few distinctions surrounding human bondage, allow me to explain how I voluntarily became a ward of the state of New York: when I ran out of money, I continued to make mental bets.

Now, Dr. Chris Barberio, a restauranteer in Quakertown, PA, a memetic cousin to Art Reid, in other words: a real person, recently explained to me:
"There are at least two types of love Ben:
Finite Love and Infinite Love..."
~Dr. Chris Barberio
After talking my ear off for somewhere between two and three hours Dr. Barberio finally concluded with:
"...there is only one Infinite Love."
~Dr. Chris Barberio
Gar, attraction is best summarized to my sixth sense by Dr. Joe Vitale in his seminal book Spiritual Marketing. However, b/4 we go further, I want to throw my two-bits into this ring of ideas.
Chapter 6 will compare and contrast the venerable ideas of Dr. Chris Barberio's Finite Love to Blair Warren's One Sentence Persuasion, followed by by chapter(s) 7+ where if permitted, I quote Dr. Joe Vitale on Branding as his words compare to Dr. Barberio's ideas on Bruce Barton and Infinite Love.
Chapter 5 begins with what appears to me as conclusive proof we cannot store consciousness in a jar.
...to be continued.
Chapter four is incomplete