Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Ecology... we are living information

We replicate DNA as bio-information, living information. Memes ride on DNA, impacting the distribution of DNA.

Memes bond with humans all the time, affecting our behavior. When we sense things differently, our behavior changes. Memes you ingested today may impact your optic nerve for the rest of your life.

From a replication perspective, the human brain can be seen as a female host in which memes replicate themselves into active form, impacting their environment via the altered human actions.

This appears to me as interspecies symbiosis.

With Mans ability to wield mass energy, it appears to me as an intellectual error to take the phenomenal world as more or less real than it's memetic counterpoint that holds the space for its present existence.

We take salaries and turn the dollars into choices, content and information. There is an emerging language describing how everything is happening. We are part of this language. Changes in the content of the information changes us.

You are rich in streaming information, entering you, processed by you is projected outward. You are not often aware that you are doing this, when from a replication perspective, is all you are doing.

The changes in information can be told in narratives as stories, or backlinks to blogposts.

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