Thursday, July 9, 2009

Business is an organism, NOT THE MEDIUM

Marshall McLuhan is best known for saying, "The medium is the massage." Few quoting McLuhan appear to me as recognizing this as a Marshall McLuhan book title. Reminds me of Warren Whitlock quoting the movie Wag The Dog... Dustin Hoffman: Two Generations to Agree, yes. That's what he inscribed. How'd you know that? Robert DeNiro: That's the title of the book. Dustin Hoffman: That's the title? Robert DeNiro: For Progress to Occur|It's Necessary for Two Generations to-- Dustin Hoffman: That's a terrible title. Ohhh... For Two Generations to Agree. That is the title. You know. I never looked at the cover. I just looked at what he wrote to me. Robert DeNiro: Who has time to read the title anymore? Your BUSINESS is a living organism and the marketplace is your aquarium. Your business is either parasitic, symbiotic or its dying. Your aquarium is always in flux. Over-specialization leads to extinction. As brand directors, we monitor the changes in our environment, constantly adapting and split-testing our adaption to our dynamic environment. Your BUSINESS grows to the extent you are constantly well adapting to the marketplace, your aquarium. Your systems are your IP, your Intellectual Property, your internal medicine. Many exterior forces can kill your business, some slowly, some quickly. Keeping your BUSINESS alive in your marketplace can be a delicate thing. You need cash reserves. Your cash reserves are like how a mammal has fat on their body, reserve energy that you can use as needed and keeps you warm. Every LIVING SPECIES, other than viruses, grow with FIDELITY, FECUNDITY & LONGEVITY... longevity is giving an advantage to off-spring. Memetics is the science of non-genetic replication, LIKE A BUSINESS...

"Media Ecology is the study of media environments, the idea that technology (codes) and techniques (modes), affect human perception, understanding, feeling, and value; and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survival."
- Integration of definitions by various Media Ecologists

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Ben Mack said...

Eben Pagan at Frank Kern's Mass Control 2008, among other places, DECONSTRUCTS growing your SUCCESS IN BUSINESS INTO 5 KEY AREAS...
1) You
2) Your market
3) Your marketing
4) Your people
5) Your systems