Sunday, July 19, 2009

There is no 1 right way to do Magic...

This blog post is inspired by many and specifically attributed to three sources noted at the end of this post...

My journey into Entrepreneurialism has been an inquiry into CONTELLIGENCE, being conscious of intelligence. Being conscious of LOVE appears to me as the crux of contelligence...

Love is defined as Metaphysical Gravity
, Life Affirming, Living Compassion, and the Source of Magic.
Three years ago, when I first started speaking to entrepreneurs from the stage, I was pleasantly struck by the diversity of whom advocated my teachings. I was humbled by their open-mindedness, revealing to me how small-minded my thinking had become. How come so many folks who had radically different cosmographies were so strongly advocating me? I asked a group who took me to dinner one night, how they saw fit to endorse me as strongly as they do... The leader of their religious-based marketing organization explained to me, "Ben what you state from the stage empowers us, 'If you don't deny my magic I won't deny yours.'" What I realized is that I was speaking a truth I had room to grow into, and it was my Christian Marketing friends who showered me with love and allowed me to see a bigger, happier perspective. America was founded on Freedom of Religion, among other civil liberties I hold sacred.

I hold these truth to be self-evident...
Life is magical
; Living as if there is only one-right way to live leads to war.

I am honored to be on Earth during the emerging Love Movement, a good energy movement that's spreading fast. Here's 7-Points of a LOVE STAR I see BURNING BRIGHTLY...

1 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT won't take place all at once.

2 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will make strides incrementally, by people working off each other's ideas.

3 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will be lead by nobody in particular, we are all leaders.

4 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will not be the initiative of any political, governmental or religious body. There is no ownership of this movement. Structurally, ownership is not about access, but the denial thereof. Nobody will be denied Love.

5 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT has no targeted end-point. While most human endeavors tend to be rooted in accomplishments, or bound by time, the Love Movement is boundless.

6 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will proceed according to no official plan. Because life is dynamic and words are static, planning becomes a verb and part of the flow of the non-centralized movement.

7 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT, like all revolutions, will reward those who further the revolution with the coin of the revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, those who contributed much in the way of product wealth received much in the way of product wealth.

This blog post is inspired by Amanda Risi, Good Energy Movement & Danniel Quinn's amazing novel My Ishmael, and...


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FernWise said...

I agree that there is no one right way to do magic. OTOH, there are many WRONG ways to do magic.

The right ways are the ways that produce the ends you seek (or better than you seek).

The wrong ways are ways that you think will produce your positive results, but in fact bring unintended negative results.

Thus the INCREDIBLE usefully of asking the question "how's that working for you?" By asking myself that, and answering honestly, I end up with more Love, more Good Magic, more joy.

Coincidentally - I ran into the intro to this post of yours while heading to my blog to write about doing witchy magick during the upcoming eclipse. Happy Coincidence!

Frondly, Fern