Friday, September 11, 2009

If you get ____, will you meet me in Amsterdam Nov. 5th?

THIS IS Female Marketer X's & My Engagement Party...
Today's post is brought to you by the number 7...
y Gar!

If i give you a Klondike Bar will meet me in Amsterdam November 5-10?

Learn how to make
magic without cards!

Discover the secret to the seeding and growing of ideas. It's a study called memetics. WARNING => The intellectually squeamish should click away now and not read the exit pop. Thank you.

More coming soon. Gar!


Ben Mack said...

Please consider commenting by FILLING IN THE BLANK please...

If you get ____, will you meet me in Amsterdam Nov. 5th?

Rafael said...

a passport

caseythesupplementguy said...

A Dodge Viper... I always wanted one... But as a GIFT!

Ben Mack said...

Rafael, i need to get a PassPort, too. Do you want to become accountability partners on a S.M.A.R.T. Goal?

Casey, if you speak with Oprah, will you ask her for a hybrid car for me?

caseythesupplementguy said...

You got it my friend! I want one that burns water like the Space Shuttle! But Dam it needs to look Cool TOO! :)

Raven said...

A free airline ticket. :-)
I personally do not care what the car looks like if it is a hybrid- goes at least 80 mph and gets 60 mpg or over. Meet you on on the Space ship!

insidethegod said...

Mentoring and Amsterdam details. Then I can generate funds for the trip, generate cash for life, and propagate knowledge to help save our generation.

best to you Ben
goodness in- goodness out

Ben Mack said...

Raven, when you get a consistent source for free airline tickets please let me know. My friend Jake gets them, and he works for an airline and they aren't entirely free. InsideTG, hi. Mentoring doesn't promise to generate funds... Well, I know two dudes that promise their teaching produces money in you automagically.

InsideTG, #7 below is a key component.

PERHAPS we are ENACTing a Love Movement. 7-Points of a LOVE STAR I and New Thought "Others" or "mutant" or "23rdian" see BURNING BRIGHTLY...

1 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT won't take place all at once.

2 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will make strides incrementally, by people working off each other's ideas.

3 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will be lead by nobody in particular, we are all leaders.

4 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will not be the initiative of any political, governmental or religious body. There is no ownership of this movement. Structurally, ownership is not about access, but the denial thereof. Nobody will be denied Love.

5 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT has no targeted end-point. While most human endeavors tend to be rooted in accomplishments, or bound by time, the Love Movement is boundless.

6 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT will proceed according to no official plan. Because life is dynamic and words are static, planning becomes a verb and part of the flow of the non-centralized movement.

7 of 7) The LOVE MOVEMENT, like all revolutions, will reward those who further the revolution with the coin of the revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, those who contributed much in the way of product wealth received much in the way of product wealth.

WARNING Being in the Goodness Business is not always the currency of the MONEY BUSINESS. Yes I have said from the stage that every for profit business is in the business of making money.

See Dr. K., I can promote 7.

insidethegod said...

Thanks Ben. Move and be moved. goodness...

Ben Mack said...

inside, if you were to have a "make money" project to be mentored on... how might you focus on making money?

insidethegod said...

Thanks for asking Ben. Approximately 24 hours later it has become abundantly clear... To "make money" requires focused and specific actions to make money.

#1. Continually develop stellar distribution channels and call the markets attention to the explicit advantages of rendering my services.

#2. Make it incredibly obvious and easy for people in my market to purchase my services and products.

#3. Deliver the instructions, inspiration and information they need in order to achieve their deeper aspirations and satisfy their most pressing needs. Produce services that are solutions to their problems. Enrich their minds & then Empower their lives some more. . .and sell the hell out of them being successful with it.

"The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do" -J. Allen, 1904

Good Energy through and through.

HarmonicThought said...


Ben Mack said...

Chuck, awesome. :-)

tony said...

if you get... *horny*

hey, it's Tony from the UK, btw.

Peter Palatnik said...

If I get HEALTH, nothing will stop me from meeting you and Female Marketer X in Amsterdam on 05/11.

Infinite Love,

P.S. Believe it or Not, I sensed FMX was the ONE...Can't wait to have the honor and pleasure to meet, share and ENJOY your SYNERGY of LOVE on Nov.5/10