Thursday, April 23, 2009

What does "Good Energy" mean to you?

I'll go first... "Good Energy" to me means feeling good for no specific reason at all, feeling unshakably calm & collected, aka being in tune with Your Self.

Now, what does Good Energy mean to you? Please contribute your thoughts in the comments below.
Thank you, especially for your considerations. Considerations are a form of THOUGHT. Thoughts radiate and entrain. Simply by reading as far as you have, you have already contributed to this thought experiment. Thank you for ingesting our GOOD ENERGY meme. Thank you for your participation in this New Thought experiment.


Benjamin Garth Siddhartha Mack


CouchSurfingOri said...

"Good Energy" to me is a vibe that someone or something casts off which makes you feel hapiness and / or trust. For example, meeting a stranger and walking away with a "I like that person!" and not knowing why... or walking past a beautiful flower.

rythaman said...

Good Energy is definitely a vibe... I can totally feel the energy coming from another person and tell whether they are happy or sad and can usually tell 'right away' if the person is good or evil. You can feel it deep within.

Good vs. Bad Energy
Its everywhere.

I like to try to turn the bad energy into good, but sometimes its just not possible.

GOOD ENERGY is a Daily part of my life. I make sure of it.

KitKat said...

Like the CouchSurfingOri and Rythaman, I agree "Good Energy" is a vibe. You can feel it. Dogs can sense it. Something feels good, or it doesn't. Much easier to sense when you clear the noise.

The good news about "Good energy" is it's something we have a say in.

I can raise my "good energy" through appreciation. Through finding what's good in a situation. Music that makes me happy.A walk in nature. Thinking about a happy memory. Buying tulips. And at the least, plotting revenge (but not acting on it, ha ha). It's all Law of Attraction stuff. I'm the one who gains by staying in the better-feeling vibes. So do the people around me.

Great question. Thank you!!!
My, what good energy you have!

Colleen said...

Staying connected to your inner being, your soul, your source, that place in each of us that is only love, joy and peace, is what "good energy" feels like. It's knowing that all is well, and everything is as it should be, and we're tuned into that vibration.

When we feel less than good, it's only because we have tuned out, like getting static on a radio station, from that place of love that is always there for us. Just tune back in...

Andrew said...

In order to understand good energy I really feel that one neds to understand the concept of bad energy As Sufi's we say that grace is when we are concious of god's presence and sin is when we are not. The state not being concious of god's presence is exactly the same as Adam In the garden of Eden. God asked adam "why have you covered yourself"? to which Adam answered "I saw that I was naked". Naked in the hebrew context also means exposed, vulnerable, alone. In other words Adam felt that he was alone, that he could not trust the provider any more. This is original sin and it is the human condition. We are motivated by fear. This is what I mean by "bad energy". When we loose fear we reconnect with the energy of the creator, the source and live the way we were intended to live. To me, this is good energy.

Maja said...

Good Energy is feeling good in your own skin,in your own heart,in your own life; shining from INSIDE out, creating positive vibrations which can be felt by everyone around you.

Andrew said...

I agree with every word but how can one do this when one continues to be motivated by fear. This is the basis of spirituality. One might say, "I don't feel fearful in my life, I am brave and I don't let anything get in my way". If one looks into this more closely one sees that people are motivated by the alternative if being brave. Fear in the spiritual sence means that one can only rely on oneself in this world. In the old world during the time of the "garden of eden", which for me is the era before the great ice age, people believed that one force provided everything and that all they had to do was to follow and pick the bounty. (hunter gatherers). After the great ice age man felt that the One could no longer provide and so he took it into his own hands to control nature. This was the start of the agricultural era. From this time on man has always had the fear that he could find himself alone, unprotected, naked, exposed. This is the insight behind the story of the garden of eden. It is a simplified account of the events that led up to the human condition being what it is. All evil and "bad energy is founded upon this basic insecurity of our human kind. Good energy is when we are released from being slave to our condition. Until we didcover this truth we never really experience what it is to be on the other side and whatever definitions we claim to worship as ideals are really only goals which we hope to attain. There is an awful lot of work to be done in getting to our ultimate goal of uniting with the bliss which God wishes for us. I know that it will take time for all this to soak in but I know it will.

Maja said...

Opposite of love is fear,and once this is understood in all its depth, freedom can be achieved,and once freedom is achieved,with it comes peace and remembrance who we are ,where we come from,and why we are here...Wrote a lot about it in my book...Wonderfully put Andrew,bless you ! xoxox :o)

Andrew said...

Please keep in touch Maja. I believe we are kindred spirits.

Maja said...

Thank you Andrew! MajaSmiling on Twitter!! xoxo

Believing In Miracles said...

Good Energy means I am present. When you are in the present moment, there are no old memories replaying that get in the way of being complete, full of good energy.
Being present allows God's energy to come alive in you, nothing is blocking it - so good energy... be present.

Eileen Schreiber said...

Good energy feels like a positive force. You know it.

23sirius said...

good energy is compassion, love for yourself and others, being fully in the moment here and now.

i disagree that love and fear are opposite. i think DESIRE and fear are opposites. the opposite of love is apathy. the opposite of laughter is... laughter.

Andrew said...

I disagree with the person who disagrees because god is love and god has no fear because nothing is born except out of god, therefore the oposite of godliness is fearfulness. Man builds his ego as he goes through life. The ego is like layers of grud which covers that part of him which is of god, the soul. The soul being of god is happiness by nature yet we cover this light. (could this be another expression of the saying don't hide your light under a bushel)? Often, people cover it so much that they no longer feel it is there. These people loose the way. The ego is that part within us which says "I know what is best, I am you and you are me". By listening to this voice we stray from the true path. As we stray more and more we become evermore motivated by fear and our expression of love turns into a desire to console our insecurities and feeling of being alone. Yet often, even though we desire a positive outcome from our union with another we destroy the thing we want most by continuing to allow ourselves to be motivated by fear. Compassion is a good thing to develop because compassion for other beings, human or animal takes us out of ourselves and teaches us that no man can create happiness for himself alone. Happiness comes from reciprocating with others and making other lives happy. By giving we start the process of destroying our fear. Good energy cannot come from anything that is fear motivated and if you have yourself stuck somewhere in the equasion, you are still fear motivated.

Robert said...

Good Energy is when I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. When everything is in the groove, flowing naturally with "no-mind" - mushin.

Jane said...

I think good energy usually means a pleasant feeling we get in the body which we label as good and an unpleasant feeling we label as bad.
Good and bad are polarities and one cannot arise without the other coming into play. As I see it energy is energy and it is our labelling and judging which makes it good or bad.
To be specific in answering your question...I think `Good Energy` is when we can have trust in ourselves no matter what happens. We don`t place responsibility for our wellbeing or happiness outside ourselves. As I experience it `good energy does not mean an absence of bad and unwanted energy but an energy state which comes when I do not try to `get` from other people, events or situations that which I want because of a lack I feel within myself.

TGR said... may have your answer.

"A bubbly feeling indicating good things are ahead?"

NoExcuses said...

Good energy arises from a human becoming (being what is coming) in alignment with the authentic self whilst being still.

~Matt D.

Shirley said...

Good energy is any kind of high vibration you feel. It may be from feeling grateful for your life, connected to your God, touching a purring cat, from another person who's vibrating high (or not, then you feel your own good energy0. It's everywhere if you just take note of it.

Anonymous said...

"Good Energy" is a constructive and positive state of mind, where thoughts and emotions manifest upon our decisions whether we are conscious of the process or not.

This very same post, as you said my dear Ben, is an exercise of "Good Energy" where these 19 comments are constructing positive momentum so far.

Peace :-)

Andrew said...

The mystics have taught us that there is no such thing as good or bad because in every good there is a little bad and in every bad a little good can always be found. There is only right and wrong. What is right and wrong very much depends on the period & circumstances. In one era it may be very wrong to do something a certain way or to express oneself in a certain way and in another era quite the oposite may be true. Hobbs taught us that never a man did anything but to further his own interest. Allbeit, generally speaking, in very subtle ways. The joy of giving can be experienced by everybody when we give a small child a present which is exactly what he wanted. That rush of bliss and thrill that runs through us is the same as that which we experience when we give selflessly for the betterment of the other. When somebody buys himself a present he may think "I have gained the status of buying this Rolex watch;" but there is no lasting joy in it. It becomes just another posetion one among all the other meaningless objects we posess. On the other hand if the same person were to receive the same Rolex as a gift from a person that meant very much to him the rush of energy gained from that act would possibly last for years, maybe a lifetime. A man who tries to make himself happy through self indulgence only succeeds in making himself miserable. I have seen this a million times, we all have but maybe have not realized it. The mininute we look apon ourselves as a separate individual entity we are indulging in the belief that we are alone. This is how we build our ego. We are separated from each other only by space time and circumstances. We are all the same, exactly the same as a drop of water in a waterfall is still part of the river even though it is separated for a moment from the main body of water. The energy that is within any one of us is within all of us, by potential. As the drop of water, one day we become united again with the central oneness of energy that is the universe. The saying that no man is an island is so true. We separate ourselves with our EGO (I am) when really there is no such thing. This truth was taught by all the profets from all areas of the world. When man accepts that he is part of a cycle, a system, he becomes reciprocal to that system and it feeds him in every way. Most members of the human race live in a self created grey zone. Not entirely good and not entirely bad. Sometimes we get glimses of the potential of connecting with the source and sometimes we are completely disillusioned and feel wretched. The source is within us. We all have that god given potential which we call the soul. We mistakenly look to connect to it from without. Do not mix this concept with what I said about happiness. It is quite different. We look at ourselves from a perspective of being separated from god, stranded in an earthly garb when all the time we are as much part of him as the acorn is part of the oak tree. The acorn contains within it all the secrets of the oak tree, only it is not aware of this fact. So it is with us. Within us there is the potential of the entire universe but we cannot use this potential until our time comes. We are all searching for something in life but we are seldom aware that what we seek is within us, each and every one of us all the time. I really suggest that those who would like to study this concept further read a book called "Conference of the birds" by Farid-U-din Attar.

23sirius said...

i couldn't agree more with andrew. very well-put. i am you are me are we...

Gabriel said...
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Gabriel said...

Good Energy it is all that benefit the growth of wealth and health of the individual or humanity and simultaneosly it's against all the bad things.

Crafty Listening said...

Good energy, for me, means that I can see beyond other people's meanness of spirit to the goodness that, for whatever reason, is lying dormant.

Good energy means that, when I work with dysfunctional managers, teachers, parents, teens or teams, I remain constantly aware that their behaviour is a manifestation of their pain speaking.

Good energy means that when I am filled with sadness for something that has happened to me or to those I care about - or even those in other corners of the world - I do not try to avoid or evade the sadness, I do not desire to be 'cheered up' because I welcome the human connection of compassion (but never pity).

It means that, when I hear horror stories, or witness the effects of racism, sexism, ageism and other forms of oppression, I can feel a fierce and angry love that motivates me to take action rather than whinge about what's wrong with the world. And I can stay with my anger without needing to make others suffer for it.

Good energy also means that, if I am afraid, I can own that truth, and speak of it with quiet dignity, openly and honestly sharing it, without the conditioned shame that once silenced me on such matters. And, by extention, I can listen to other people weeping and not need to rescue them. I can respect their anger, even - or especially of it is directed at me, and listen willingly to their reasons, and not blame attach or criticise them for feeling it - even if I try to convince myself that their reasons are not valid! I can express my view later if needs be.

Good energy means that if I am stuck in a traffic jam, I can reflect on my good fortune in having a car. As it happens, my car has been sitting, unused, in front of my house since October last year because I decided I was getting lazy AND missing the elements!

Good energy means that I can (and do) go into board rooms, classrooms, lecture rooms, training rooms ... and speak to the team, the students, the young offenders, the parents, the teachers with patience, clarity, humour, and engage their interest, help them shift their perspective, and to know HOW to move with good energy so that they, too, can be the still centre of the turning universe, be the eye in the middle of the storm.
I can understand the wisdom of the fool, recognise the foolishness of the clever, and still hold a conversation that connects.

Good energy helps me to tip the waiter even though the food was mediocre (making sure that the waiter gets all the tip!)

Good energy means that, when I sit to write, the words flow easily and joyfully (which often requires a lot of spellchecking but not a lot of rewriting.

Good energy helps me to listen craftily, which is with:

Love - and with a
YES! attitude

Good energy means I can be here NOW, go with the flow, and go well.

Crafty Listening said...

>>>i disagree that love and fear are opposite. i think DESIRE and fear are opposites. the opposite of love is apathy. the opposite of laughter is... <<<

Just imagine if we pretend that LOVE and FEAR are opposites, and DESIRE and FEAR are opposites, and APATHY and LOVE are opposites simply because you think the one and I think the other and someone else thinks the other...

That way, we accept the validity and possibility of diverse views and be eriched by exploring views of points rather than defending points of view.

Instead of either/or (which, to my mind, is exclusive and limiting) we can have both/and, which is more inclusive and thus conducive to flow - which is a good energy, is it not?

Flow well; Go well


23sirius said...

crafty listening---
i feel you have hit the nail on the head with your first comment, and with your response to my comment. i try very hard to see things from non-dual perspectives, and i applaud your work in bringing that back into my thoughts. i considered posting that there are no opposites, ever, but instead chose to espouse a different theory. in reality i follow the saying: "nothing is true; everything is permitted." i truly feel there is no such thing as good/bad positive/negative. ALL is energy, and has no inherent "polarity" associated with it, except that which is attributed it by individual moral judgments. an excellent metaphor is nuclear energy, which can be utilized for destructive or creative purpose, depending on the need at hand. my disagreement and use of the fear/desire, etc polarity was merely me playing "devil's advocate" to open others up to different polarities. you are entirely correct, however, in stating so bluntly that it should be a "both/and" outlook, showing that all viewpoints are equally valid, you have reminded me and also alerted me to a better way to communicate. thank you. and thank you ben for getting this wonderful interaction started. on behalf of us all, THANKS.

Mark Strickland said...

"Good Energy", it could be positive energy. The universe is created with positive and negative energy. We can not have one without the other.

I think it is also a choice that we make, to have "good energy" be in a good mood, in love, happy or bad energy, be in a bad mood, angry, upset.

I choose "Good Energy" it feels better and is less draining than the other. Be well ;-)

Mark Strickland said...

WoW! 23sirius, I like your point about it all being energy, neither positive nor negative, it is after all absolute energy.

Thank you for the Ah ha!
Be well ;-)

Brett C said...

Good Energy is a result of being in harmony with the creator of the universe, God, and having a personal relationship with His son Jesus. Being in harmony is a result of living your life in obedience with God. When obedience is broken, (sin) the harmony is broken until it is restored through repentance. If you live your life in harmony with God, Good energy will rule and be prominent in your life. If you life a life where the relationship with God is broken, then Bad or negative energy will rule your life. God loves us so much that He allows us to chose how we will live. Look at our culture and tell me what most people have chosen. If we keep pushing God out of our culture, it is only a matter of time where the Bad Energy will be prominent and dominate in our society. Question for the readers. Which energy do you think is ruling our nation? I hope this reply produced some good energy in your life.

Helen said...

Let me take a little bit different tack. I am vibrating and everyone and everything I come in contact with are vibrating, creating quite an energy dance. I get that 'good' and 'bad' are ascribed. When I am subject to an accumulation of
AC current, electronics use and the information carrying radio waves in a wireless environment, without a period of neutral, non-exposed recovery time in between, I have the sense that cellular and intercellular biological effects are taking place in my body.

I prefer my cellular structure without these particular biological effects and I am still in my urban, 2009, spot. I am aware that I can work and play with my aggregated vibrations by actively 'cleaning' my biofield, constantly returning myself to the present, and re-membering I am God's as a microcosm of the macrocosm as well as personally.

The thing is I rarely give myself the time and attention to "play with my . . . vibration . . . constantly . . . re-membering" so I have purchased that solution from Russian science which builds my biofield (energy,) prevents a cascade of biological effects and repairs damage already done. Now along with other fun ways of musing about "Good Energy" as emotional, feeling connection, dialectical and more, I sing the praises of the next generation of wellness giving me freedom from concern over electromagnetic pollution as "Good Energy!"

Barbara Hofmeister said...

Good energy is a feeling we have about ourself or another person that is in our presence. Some people have good vibes and other's don't. That does not mean they are bad but it probably means they are not right for us.

Enjoying natures saturates us with good energy. Gratitude gives us good energy too.

I am sending you some good energy from beautiful Germany with the birds singing their spring concert outside my window.
Barbara Hofmeister

JohnG said...

I don't have any association with good energy. However I have experienced the right path - knowing you're in the right place and doing the right things. I prefer this way of speaking to good enery because I connect it to divine guidance and right conduct. Good energy doesn't really have a focus for me - it just means feeling good. And you can feel good even if you are doing the wrong things and are not in the path!!

Andrew said...

John, don't mix up worldly "feeling good" with the type I was talking about. You can feel good having sex but five minutes later feel destitute and wretched. That is the feel good of the Ego. It's like a person with mange, he always has to scratch his lesions to get relief. So it is with worldly pleasures. They can become addictions because you need them again and again. In the end they take over and control you. For some people it's RT for other sex, for others gambling, for others proving their dominance over others. It's all the same.

Jim said...

Good Energy to me is taking a blanket out to the front yard and lay down. the sun is on your face, the breeze on your skin. eyes closed and for a time there are only the sounds of your breathing, your heart beating.

God gets a fix on you.

You open your eyes some time later to find you have a smile fixed on your face. Your place in the Universe is set.

Amanda Risi said...

To me,.. "Good Energy" is a feeling, a tribute to pure energy flowing lightly from energy stored, potentially, into energy moving kinetically to do work;.. a graceful freeing we sense enlightens and refreshes us, invigorates and brings us to moments we interpret as joy, peace, harmony, strength, understanding, love and smiles.

Jonathan said...

I see good energy in a two different categories: personal and group.

Personal good energy is when I am feeling positive about myself. This can be because I am very into what I am doing or am simply due to there being no real stressors in my operating headspace. I can't think of a moment in my life where I have been experiencing good energy for no reason.

Group good energy I perceive as when a group is functioning harmoniously with other members within the vicinity. This does not mean that disagreement and debate are not present, merely that those conflicts are kept in a productive and non-personal manner. I also consider a flock of birds flying in formation or a school of fish swimming together forms of group good energy. In a group setting, it appears to me as more of a cohesion between the interacting participants.

Sherrie said...

Good Energy: 1) the words 2) the feelings inside the words [hey, I’m the love linguist so the etymology is important LOL]

1) the words
Good - "having the right or desirable quality," Good is a positive word (the opposite being bad with a negative connotation)
Energy - "activity, operation," "force of expression," Energy is the capacity for vigorous activity; available power.
Good + Energy = Desirable force of positive expression

2) the feelings inside the words
Good energy is the alignment of heart power radiating through thoughts, words, and actions. The feeling can be individual bliss while basking in the glow of good energy. The feeling can be shared with another person receiving the expression of good energy whether in proximity or far way through silent contact.

The perception of good energy is colored by current state. The same good energy exists to tap into at all times; if you are open to generate good energy or receive good energy. Being in tune and in alignment with your inner integrity* creates the foundation for good energy to flow.

(*integrity – had to add this word since Bucky’s thumbnail is at the top of the post…)

3) thanks, Ben : )
What a wonderful exercise! Puts a big smile on my face. Focusing on good energy creates it!

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist

rickybobby77 said...

Remember weebles? "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" was the song. THAT to me is good energy. Bad energy may knock us down but it's good energy that makes us bounce back; like a superball.

Andrew said...

I think that most of the people leaving comments have far too much emphasis on self. We are all greated out of energy all matter is really only energy. The nature of energy is to interact. Energy cannot have effect on itself. Therefore our purpose is to interact with our surroundings and the amount of positive effect that we have with our surroundings is the only real quantification of our true life's purpose. We must judge ourself by the quality of our overall influence. If we cause pain we need to take stock of our own emotional condition and make necessary changes. In my view the most important subject on the world's agenda at this moment in time is the emotional development and welfare of children because within this definition lies the quality of the future. The world as a planet has no issues or problems which are not of human making ans as the saying goes, the only part of the universe that you can improve is yourself and as I said before the only true way to do this is to take stock of the nature of the effect we have upon our surroundings. If we get this right our energy will always be good.

Anonymous said...

On one level, I agree with many of the thoughts and sentiments expressed here. But on another level, I believe we're missing the boat. By making distinctions between good energy and bad energy, good vibes and bad vibes, we are actually using our ego mind to make judgments and distinctions which separate us and seduce us into thinking that there are dichotomies and differences. There is no good energy or bad energy. There is only love energy. nothing else exists. nothing else is real. there is no bad, there is no evil, there is no devil, there is no body, there is no disease. there is no death. these are all illusions made by our ego, not created by God, Higher Power, Cosmic Consciousness, whatever you might wish to call it. When we perceive bad energy in others, in Truth, what we are doing is projecting our own fear onto others, our own deeply embedded guilt, shame and self-loathing onto others in an attempt to avoid recognizing it in ourselves. This exercise in discussing good energy is a noble one, helping us to focus on spiritual ideals, but it also distracts us from the Truth which is that we are One, we are all each other, we are all connected. There is only One of us and we are all it. When we make distinctions of good versus bad we are spiritually short-changing ourselves, keeping us stuck in ego and illusion. When we see only "good" energy in everyone, regardless of what they're saying or how they're behaving, we are truly in the Light, in the Now, seeing eternity, seeing reality.

Colleen said...

I am so happy you put that into words, Walter! I've been wanting to add something like that, but I wanted it to be as uplifting and positive as your message just was. Thank you for that.

Andrew said...

Bravo Walter, my exact feelings. We are actually in eternity but fail to see this because of the limitation of our material state. We are in fact matter which has awareness of it's own existance and therefore the utimate expression of the evolution of energy. Or so we think but we must never think that we are above the "all" because we are still only a miniscule part of it. As you say everything is only an expression of potential, the fore runner of everything else. As They say in the Tao, Wu Chi and Tai Chi.

Crafty Listening said...

>>>can usually tell 'right away' if the person is good or evil. <<<
Are we not mirrors for each other?

>>>"I don't feel fearful in my life, I am brave and I don't let anything get in my way". <<<
Bravery is ONLY necessary if we feel afraid!

>>>Opposite of love is fear, and once this is understood<<<
What if understanding is the booby prize?

>>>...I think `Good Energy` is when we can have trust in ourselves no matter what happens. <<<
Another perspective is that, even when we doubt ourselves – which may be the ego's doing – we still feel OK about who we are, simply because, until we transcend the ego's siren call, we are all at this stage of our journey.

>>>Good Energy" is a constructive and positive state of mind<<<
When I give a presentation, work with individuals, families or teams in crisis, coach people in self-awareness, self-management and self-motivation (key components of Emotional Intelligence – I urge them to stay with and 'accept' the here and now 'reality' of their destructive and negative states of mind.
When they can do so, they are, for that instant, both grounded, albeit in the pain, and elevated, because they are not emotionally or kinaesthetically feeding the ego.

>>>What is right and wrong very much depends on the period & circumstances. <<<
Yes, every thing always depends… (I'm very keen on teaching people simple techniques for being conscious of and responsible for their physical state. State generates behaviour, and state is held in place by limiting beliefs, bedrock assumptions and physiology.

Some of the posts above {see >>>quotes <<< below} indicate something of the struggle that we all (well, most of us) face as a matter of course, or as part of the human condition.

>>>I like to try to turn the bad energy into good, but sometimes it's just not possible.
When we feel less than good, it's only because we have tuned out,
This is original sin and it is the human condition. We are motivated by fear.
Man has always had the fear that he could find himself alone, unprotected, naked, exposed.
…old memories replaying that get in the way of being complete, full of good energy.
the opposite of love is apathy.
Often, people cover [their light] so much that they no longer feel it is there. These people lose the way.
By listening to this voice [of the ego], we stray from the true path.

I am also less interested in 'good or bad,' 'right or wrong' and keener on exploring whether I, or the people I work with, are effective or not effective, and whether, either way, they acted in accordance with their declared values and guiding principles.

All too often, their attitudes and actions are in discord with what they state as guiding principles e.g. honesty, respect, love, light and laughter. Interestingly, more often than not, they hold other people responsible for their unprincipled, emotionally driven dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and actions.

We may lay claim to higher principles, even a 'higher' self i.e. the ability to transcend the baser survival strategies of the ego, and yet – and yet – again and again, we hide our light, revert to fear, deny our connectedness, disregard our values.

None of this makes us necessarily bad (let alone 'evil') beings!

For me, the full acceptance of our petty meannesses and vicious sparks, our shadow side, that elevates us. And, I believe, it does so most powerfully if we can accept those feelings (without indulging them) and hold them to the light.

Go well

Anonymous said...

I second CouchsurfingOri: good energy is a vibration. Something we all want to be around.

Mindset Coach said...

Good Energy is the by product of true acceptance. No comparisons, no judgments and no blame.

Good energy is appreciation of EVERYTHING given to us.

Good energy is a choice between thoughts, beliefs or ideas: always choosing the "highest" or most loving and accepting thoughts, etc.

For an example of good energy, see
for today's message about unconditional love.

Andrew said...

I think that we can pretty well summarize that good energy is enrgy which comes from God as he is the creator and created everything and created it to be good. Bad energy is when we give god's good energy a dirty face.

Charles said...

That which is in harmony with Love.

Rick Aster said...

Good energy is knowing there is something you can do.

wake felderman said...

"But I was singing loud, and most singers weren't singing loud."

Little Richard

LWL Media said...

It's when, like listening to a soulful Eric Clapton song, you're connected, in the most focused way, to "resonance" -- to the vibration of something that AFFECTS you!

And, by the way, it's okay to experience the OPPOSITE of that (i.e., so-called BAD energy). As they said in the movie, 'I Heart Huckabees,' "no manure, no magic."

CashFlow Queen said...

good energy...hmmmm...could it be what I'm feeling now by reading all the wonderful post that you all have shared

could it be the fact that all tht have come to this site have the energy of present mind awareness the simple joy of life it self

good energy from my perspective is being present, not judging only loving

CashFlow Queen

great site Ben! luv ya

p.s. I am on day#2 of my mental fast...coming here helps a great deal

Karin Hiebert said...

Good Energy is the "awareness and feeling" of energy existing. Anything that creates a SPARK, thought, emotion in you is good energy.

Craig said...

Good Energy = Compassion instead of Anger, Faith instead of Fear, and Love instead of Hate. Doing Right (your welcome) not Being Right (I told you so).

John Wealth said...

Good Energy is to feel the vibes of the Creator, God ('cause God is Good) and vibe back the same to the people surrounding us.

Jesus says: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. And He also says: "If one has faith upon me, rivers of Life will flow from out of his heart". And that's good energy. That energy which brings about good effects upon others lives is Good.

Energy has clear distinctions, Good and Bad (whichever is Not Good)! One should accept this reality, that in the world surrounding us both are at work, Good and Bad/Evil. By this you are not JUDGING. Else you are putting Mother Theresa and a Terrorist who brutally chops off people's heads, at par :(
Though in the present world good and bad/evil are at work, finally good will triumph over bad/evil and that's God's Kingdom!
God Bless You.

Brett C said...

Great job John, good and evil does exist daily in our midst and God is good. Staying connected to Him will eventually result in tons of "good vibes" coming from your life. For help with that go to
Kind regards

topten said...
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topten said...

Good Energy is totally my spirit,my warm body is the vital

Love-N-LightningBootCamp said...

The good, the bad, the ugly...IS THERE SUCH A THING?

If the divine is in every thing, HOW CAN ANYTHING BE BAD?

If I am the creator of my life, WHY WOULD I ATTRACT THE 'BAD'.

If I came here to demonstrate the power of LOVE through forgiveness, there has to be a bad guy to forgive.

Quite often that bad guy is the one WHO LOVED ME THE MOST s/he volunteered to be my bad guy because s/he wanted me to be a master of LOVE.

I am the one who should ask that one's forgiveness for my needing that one to be the bad guy, which in turn often causes that one to be hated by others, those who suffer for me.

I believe all energy is neutral. Where we come from, how we perceive it will determine IF that energy acts in a negative or positive way in our being.

If you were Snow White in a past life and you were not conscious of that life, you could look at an apple today and say, "Oh, apples are so bad. They choke me up, I'm so allergic to them," and they would be 'bad' for you.

IF you were the wicked queen who poisoned Snow White's apple and in this life time you look at an apple, (forgetting that you were the wicked queen in a past life) you could think, "AH, I LOVE apples, they are so delicious, I can be so creative with them," and the apples is perceived as positive energy.

I attract what I am because the universal law of conservation of spiritual energy would not waste any energy by sending me something positive or negative WITHOUT my needing it for whatever reason.

OH, I've so enjoyed reading everyone's comments on what is good energy and I could go on and on ...

All is in divine energy ... all is perfection.

We are spirit
Perfect, holy, harmonious,
Nothing can hurt us,
or make us sick or afraid.


Because spirit is God,
God cannot be sick hurt or afraid.

We have come here to show our true selves through our bodies (space suits) now!

The REAL us is a 1000 watt bulb.(at least)

The spacesuit that makes us visible may be shining at 100, 200, 500 watts because of the dust, created by fear, anger, greed, etc., on our light bulb,

Our job is to take the dust off the light bulb and remember the truth.


Someone has to be the good bad and ugly ... for a short while longer.

I did say I could go on and on, didn't I...gotta love reading other's thoughts and sharing my own.

Once we master remembering who we are and we keep attracting the 'bad' guys...then it is time to remember who they are and to help them remember it as well.

Namaste...the light in me honors the light in you.


Caroline,God's Spark Plug
Chief Spiritual Electrician of
Love's Open
Your H.O.M.E. Away from Home.