Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Hyatt asks ☛ rU a GOODmonkey?

The Good Doctor, Dr. Christopher Hyatt author of Undoing Yourself asks, explains NeuroPersuasion. redirects to in this documentary video... in 2009 Dr. Hyatt predicts the need for Debora Halbert's "Resisting Intellectual Property." I'm an Idiot in this video. I was nervous. I'm an Extreme Indivisual Idiot. "In Freedom3 will FreedomFrom be overtaken by Freedom2?" thoughting.

be a Good Monkey ☛ Read Black Book 3


Raven said...

There was no place on the poll to put another answer. I heard that term from another NLP teacher in the 90's. The second time I heard it was from Ben Mack.
Peace and good energy
I have to watch the rest of the video tonight before I can comment.
Thanks for being the wonderful Ben!

Ben Mack said...

Raven, yes, I wrote the survey question hurriedly and you are absolutely correct that I missed that alternative of someplace else. I tried to modify the survey and the widget wouldn't let me edit survey text. Blessings of light and levity.

Batman said...

I find it outrageous that you're being sued by some guy. Who the heck does Jim Fortin think he is? I've never heard of him, before you brought it up.... I have an IP lawyer that I can refer you to, if you'd like....

Ben Mack said...

Batman, I decided to gift my domain to Jim Fortin. Thank you for your offer. In the future I might take you up on the introduction.