Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gaming #1 hashtag Twitter 9/9/9 => #999

"If we won't game the system, 'The System' will game us."
~Howard Campbell, Poker Without Cards

re: Gaming #1 hashtag Twitter 9/9/9 => #999

Creating a movement can't be done alone, we need to get the word out. To this end, we're getting the word out about Good Energy Day 9/9/9 by using what on Twitter is called a "hashtag" or what looks like this #.

We'd like your help! Simply Tweet #999

Click to learn more about our Good Energy Movement and Good Energy Day 9/9/9.
Good Energy Day is the brainchild of Rich Wakefield, @RickyBobby77 on Twitter.

Warren created the most popular hash-tag on Twitter for 4 days, 12/31 to after noon 1/4 #Happy09 was the most popular Tweet. I asked Warren what was the secret of his success and...

Warren said to me, "Ben, this is something I like to call The Reece's Effect. I brought together two scrumptuous ideas and they tasted even better together. The magic comes from applying The Reece's Effect to a topical topic."

Topical? On September 9, 2009 there will be an unusual symmetry to the day when written like this 9/9/9. The use of hashtag #999 brings the day's symmetry to the forefront. If we can get #999 to be the #1 hashtag tweet on Twitter, we'll raise the awareness of this celebration.

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