Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awaken the Magician Within

P.T Barnum spread magic, the belief in magic and was a true believer in his own magic...

I believe in your magic, if you choose to be magician... I believe in your choice to abstain if being a non-believer comforts you.

The thing about magic is whether you choose to believe you are magical or not, you're right.

Now, may we discuss The Barnum Effect?

Learn more about P.T. Barnum in my documentary... The Pitch, Poker & The Public, directed by Chris Zubryd

You'll discover more of your magical knacks with two simple questions in my Psychic Personality Test


Ben Mack said...

Barnum’s Delightful Philosophy
“Childhood wonder is the first step in human wisdom. To best please a child is the highest triumph of philosophy.

“A happy child is most likely to make an honest man. To stimulate wholesome curiosity in the mind of a child is to plant golden seed.

“I would rather be called the children's friend, than the world's king. Amusement to children,
is like rain to flowers. He that makes useful knowledge
most attractive to the young, is the king of the sages.

“Childish laughter is the echo of heavenly music. The noblest art is that of making others happy. Wholesome recreation conquers evil thoughts. Innocent amusement transforms tears into rainbows. The author of harmless mirth is a public benefactor.

“I say, as the poet said of its ballads… if I might provide the amusements of the nation, I would not care who made its laws.”
~P.T. Barnum

The Story Lady said...

Wonder opens the spirit to receive, which is...dar I say...wonderful! When you are in a state of wonder, you are receiving rather than judging. You are open and receptive to the new.

Wonder is a great starting point.

may the openness continue.


Anonymous said...

Wonder Full stuff Ben.

Magical even.



Mark Michael Lewis said...

The question becomes, if life is a Game, how are you keeping score? Your rules for what constitutes scoring points focus your attention on kick-ass play. Keeping score is keeping context; it guides your mind to keep reinvesting in the same narrative, carving deeper grooves of meaning in your mind, recursively refining the depth of your story, your experience. What are your rules? What is your Game? That is always the BBB (Biggest Bang for your Buck) question... COnfront it, and let your intelligence respond...

sylvia said...

I'll just be happy for how you interviewed Dr. Christopher Hyatt, the quintecential prognosticator and purveyor of better systems.

The deepest magic is the inexpressable.

To my favorite brander and theorist.
Thank you for being out there.

Kitsch Remsky said...

Hi Ben,

Thank you for sharing this magical 3-step formula! Like most magic, I imagine there is more than meets the eye and there is much meaning to be made.

I'm curious about the tick sheet. Is this, in essence, the technological model, the intelligence, where a large degree of the magic happens (i.e. CREST, Legend Platform, etc)?

BTW, The Pitch, Poker & The Public is too cool for school. Delightful,fantastic,shocking & informative. Powerful stuff.

What magic will the world wake up to next?

Best to you.