Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Me: Magick = DENIED Temporary Autonomous Zone

Note to self, see people for how they act.

OBSERVATION: Some people will flat-out lie. To the extent one can be radically financially successful and be addicted to flat-out lying regularly astounds me.

JESUS TAUGHT ME: Forgive them for they know not what they do.

Dr. Christopher Hyat taught me to get off my moralistic high-horse and figure out how to enjoy what I got. I prescribe the video below only for those of solid constitution. The inttelctually squeamish may perish during ingestion.

eXetreme EDUCATION: Crispen Porter used TAZ architecture, and it worked. Sure, I teach people to make their customer the hero. That's step #1. Step #2 is create your branded temporary autonomous zone.

The structure of an Alternate Reality Game, an ARG, is to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone, a TAZ. A TAZ is what R. Buckminster Fuller called a pattern integrity in his 1964 classic Synergetics: "Pattern Integrity is when a pattern has integrity independent of the medium by virtue of which you have received the information that it exists." ~R. Buckminster Fuller

Bucky reminds us, "Don't fight forces, use them." This is similar to the coaching Brian McLeod gives me when he tells me to go sideways, or the coaching I get from Candadian designer Bruce Mau when I read Massive Change.

Here's the deal, there are two rules to puppet-mastering an ARG. Rule #1, if asked if it is a game, always reply verbatim: "This is not a game." Rule #2, there are no other rules.

I'm fine with folks throwing whatever Alternate Reality Games they want, except to the extent I feel them peeing in my meme pool. This is why I teach branding. Because helping more people get more effective with their communications decentralizes power which difuses the hegemony. I think we can all agree fascism is out of style, right?

So, how do you effect change? When we change how people think, we automagically change how they behave. Some people call this science magick, others call it behaviorism, others call it philosophy, some call it Religion. Use whatever meme you see fit.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." ~R. Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller's 1964 definition of a "pattern integrity" is curiously similar to many current definitions of a brand: --If we replace the word ‘pattern’ with the word ‘brand’ we create the statement: "A brand has an integrity independent of the medium by which you have received the information that it exists." A brand has an integrity independent of the product, product name, product logo, advertisements, or any other brand accessory. Branding is how you birth new ideas into existence and how you steward their adoption.

Branding can be a cooperative sport or a bloddy battle. You bring your reality style to the memes you propagate, and the memes you propagate lead you down rabit holes of your reality style. Call it manifestation, Bucky called us humans recipricating toruses.

Poker Without Cards was an inquiry into power. If there were a moral to that story, it is a marketing Truth, iT's worth testing. I'm just sayin'

Magic Without Cards is an inquiry into love. Love is metaphysical gravity. Love is of human bondage. Love is the answer. The alchemical answer is Love THEREFORE Love.

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Ben Mack said...

Personal favor--For the love of Bucky, please stop employing the word synergy to mean increased profits. R. Buckminster Fuller coined the word synergy. “We need more synergy” is a phrase I have heard too many times. Synergy does not mean increased productivity. Synergy means that a system has restructured. Restructuring may increase productivity; then again it may not. Freezing water restructures the water molecule, which is great if your goal is stability or cold but counter productive if your goal is fluidity.

But a bigger question is productive to what end?

Note to self, see people for how they act.

I got in the habit of seeing the best in people. This is a fun knack to have, because it rekindles a brightness in folks, and we can all be lighter together. However, try as I might, I have had issues with energy spikes when my might can't suspend a requested disbelief. It's as simple as that.

WTF? Right, exactly... There's some weird sheet some folks are treating as Reality and I really don't care until they start weaving me into their stories. A few years back, some friends of mine and I were happily talking philosophy in a group we called ourselves 23rdians. Happily minding our own business untill a Santa Monica screenwriter sells his first script for $1,000,000 where he positions The Number 23 as satanic. Bye-bye happy philosophy club.

What's happened recetly? Thank you for reading...

On the one hand, last week I was asked by a whacked-out scientology conspiracist to not mention what he asked me on the phone... I see a person bending data to paint a fetishistic picture. On the other hand, there are a bunch of so-called cult researchers who are accusing me of making exagerated claims of what they said about me. Please note, I invited the ringleader of that cult circus Rick Ross to a public discussion and he turned me down.

Let me start with the scientologist crackpot who stirs a story around Dreams End...

He's a gifted associator, he can see connections in things that have internal consistency, but don't necessarily have bearings outside of The Story. This is a common occurance. I see this kind of fiction on TV News all the time. It's simply annoying when social media news can just make st*t up about you and nobody watching bothers to do actual research. The most famous example of this in recent years was during the Atlanta Olympics. So, there's nothing novel about this kind of weirdness in media. Happens all the time.

On the other hand, there's the humanitarian so-called cult research group. Boy do they take themselves seriously. They almost take themselves as seriously as the association of psychic entertainers, whatever they are called. Anyway, they are calling me an exagerator. I've been called worse by bigger. First of all, I'm a novelist. Secondly, I'm a marketer. Thirdly, I'm a magician. However, when it comes to reporting on them, you may see me use a language approximating ePrime. These fools don't appear to me to have spent a half day learning the basics of sentential calculus or semiotics. They make fun of me for having the audacity of extending the ideas of R. Buckminster Fuller without having read Poker Without Cards. That's the kind of public trial they give me? They accuse me of false representing them and when I say game on, they say no. They appear to me as a bunch of whining fucktards using any excuse to extend their martyr party. Please notice how I say, "they appear to me." That's a subjective language, something most Attaccans can't see, hear or speak. I wrote in my novel, hence a work of fiction, Poker Without Cards: "People appear to me as neurotic to the extent they cannot say what they mean, and they cannot say what they're doing."

Please Note: Howard W. Campbell is a literary figure.