Monday, May 17, 2010

i read A. Einstein as sayin' Løve => cøntelligence...

Hey Howard W. Campbell...

"That's an awefully big word
for an Internet Marketer ;-)"

i'm JU$T Sayin'


I can either direct Me Energy at cyphers like
e.g., => CLEARly CHANNELing just for profits $UCK$

Can we all agree MO$T People won't c the tripple Pay-Off phrase?
So how am i "required" to communicate in a litigous society?
You tell me... PLEA$E

Here's the best i Got...
I repeat the phrase "In what ways is this the best thing to happen for me?"
iT is AMAZING what comes to my MiND.
I want to debate The Amazing Randi.
i'm just sayin' I'll win the hearts, he might
keep Hi$ MONEY.
we WiN.

Love u Audro ;-)

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