Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today, Mother's Day is The Wørd.


The answer to that COSMIC FISHING question you asked
me when I was 23-years-old? You asked me if I had learned
from R. Buckminster Fuller how to save the world. That was
an awefully big question Mom. I'm still working on iT.

Your present today is as far as I've gotten...

♡⁂♡ ☞ ℞№23™ ♡⁂☮

That's about iT.

What I know is that I love you,
and that http://Loveistheanswer.TV

I love you Mom.


Ben & Aucrey
my blog to you Mom http://TheAnsweris.Mobi
or http://TheAnsweris.TV They are all parts of
the bow on this digital present Mom. c u soon.

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