Sunday, May 9, 2010


Branding is better known as Santa Clausification.

“Santa Clausification” is what Princeton professor Cornel West calls turning a real-life figure of history into a brand cultural symbol. Santa Clausified today, Easter Bunnified tomorrow – Let’s remember, Nation, that real people have flaws and complexities, and branding is what allows you to modernize whatever you popularize in your own echo zone.

With the greening of our minds, the heart of our problems is given to us on a branded silver platter, adorned with chocolate, candies and presents from the age young, that all you have to do is say you believe and your sponsors keep giving you CHRI$TMA$ GIFT$ covered in multi-dyed-non-biodegradable-non-hemp paper, in the name of the baby Jesus at a time of year when nobody is lambing, Branding.

Now if you are like me, The Wørd Branding conjures up the image of searing flesh and soon to be steak. Yummm, I love the smell of Branding in the Morning.

The popularizer of Branding in the morning of course is Edward Bernays who introduced Americans to eating bacon in the morning by confusing doctors in a survey that he then spent decades merchandising the one result of one survey to convince moms that it was good for their children to eat a Hearty Breakfast that included bacon.

Edward Bernays wasn't content to serve branding in the morning. Oh no! Edward Bernays had to convince women to smoke. He engineered a stunt where wealthy debutantes would smoke a cigarette in an Easter Day parade and had a story set-up where he equated smoking with women's rights to vote and within 90-days the incidence of women smoking in America went from 3% to 23%.

How did he get existing women smokers to take up his sponsor's BRAND of cigarette? Edward Bernays popularized The COLOR Green, with a now notorius Green Ball where the wealthies and most influential folks in New England help popularize the color green as a fundraiser for a childrens hospital all the while running a media play that inspire women to smoke his BRAND of cigarettes.

But he had Help, Edward Bernays could not have done this all on his own!

You see the color Green was already on the road to fame... By the Jolly Green Giant!

And now we all know The Power of BRANDING Green.

and that's The Wørd.

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