Saturday, May 2, 2009


Millionaires build businesses;
Billionaires build networks...

"Everything can be linked together in some fashion, in either a physical, psychological, or symbolic manner." ~R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller

I believe in MAGIC. Bucky asked me to refrain from using the word "believe" so please allow me to state what I know: MAGIC is REAL, so are miracles, angels & demons. If you don't see them I suggest iT's because you aren't looking. You can see angels if you want to. They're real. I've seen them.

I teach people how to see the profitable possibilities in connections. My Amazon #2 Best Seller was...
Think Two Products Ahead: Secrets the Big Advertising Agencies Don't Want You to Know and How to Use Them for Bigger Profits

I TEACH PEOPLE PROFITABLE FORESIGHT. Unfortunately, these aren't newbie skills so my book didn't really catch on as quickly as I might have liked. My methods work. Here's a testimonial I received on FaceBook this morning =>

"I'm taken with the 'Two Products ahead' seminars....think they would work well here. I run a networking business and have applied some of your basic techiques and have had our events full up...which for 35 of my competitors in Edinburgh just hasn't happened." ~Gordon Dow

This isn't rocket science. Think two products ahead, iT's as simple as that. :-) When you start thinking two products ahead a lot of magic will unfold in your life. I guarantee iT, I guarantee your magic will work. How? How do I guarantee my work? I give money back guarantees. And, that's not the best part. This stuff works. Planning ahead is a profitable and sustainable way of being that is far too seldom employed if you ask me to get up on a soap box I will. And, I often lose my audience when I preach out of church. So iT Goes...

For those that have hung-in with my training, or those of you who are catching up quickly, It's as simples as planning to work and working the plan. You need a media plan.

Millionaires build businesses; Billionaires build networks. R. Buckminster Fuller thought in terms of topology. Topology is the study of shapes and interconnectedness. There are business applications to Topology and most businessmen won't listen to them unless you pepper the story with their profits. They're "GOOD" like that. They certainly are. They are predictable. There is a lot to be said for predictability and here is not the space... IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Your media plan is your LEGEND PLATFORM. Your LEGEND PLATFORM is topology for newbies. This is as simple as I have yet learned to articulate these ideas and I want to thank Gordon for setting me on this train of thought!

Thank you Gordon!

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Gordon said...

My pleasure and thanks also!!