Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yes SEABASTIAN, might we discuss MagicWithoutCards?


attentioneconomy said...

sure :)

Rick Aster said...

Do people seem to command more attention as soon as they want to change something?

Ben Mack said...

Yes Rick, many people seem that way to me. Thank you for asking. I hope others will share what they see. The dynamic that comes to mind is what Tellman Knudson calls the fire inside. Folks entitle themselves into a commanding posture when they finally get a why worth driving them. I see this, however annoying it can be sometimes, as good energy. I LOVE SEEING FOLKS AWAKEN... sometimes they might crack a friendship or two, and their new-found command is part of getting things done, rallying troops and inspiring them into action can't be done without a commanding presence sometimes.

So iT appears 2me, like Magic_