Friday, May 8, 2009

ASU Agenda w/ Dr. Freeman, Kim & Me

Albany State University

Uncover goals of ASU
- Ask Dr. Freeman to compose
specific measurable goals
My update on funding raising $25k
- Deconstruction of interview with Howard Benson
- Jeffrey Edwards introduction

Proposed 9/9/9 agenda
- 9:09:09 We play The World Game
- Lunch
- Brief “Insert Rich Game” explains #ged999,
ANNOUNCES 10/10/10
- View Finding Neverland
- Dinner Break
- 8pm Keynote speaker...
Dr. Freeman introduces Mr. David Bullock,
a Wharton Teacher & Best-selling author of Obama 2.0

Proposed draft Media Plan Overview for 9/9/9

TONIGHT May 8, 2009 => 9pm Eastern Time Zone of Albany, GA USA @WarrenWhitlock hosts @RickyBobby77

- @GoodEnergy on Twitter
- on FaceBook

FUTURE DATES, i like dating :-) ~Ben
- Unseminar 6
- Marketing is Not Evil (Pasadena, CA July seminar)
- Burning Man
- ASU 9/9/9

Proposed academic journal article: New Media Valuation
- Dr. Freeman, in what ways does something like this happen?

Proposed next steps
- Create ged999 Mastermind

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Ben Mack said...

(email from Rich Wakefield BELOW)


Good person,

We are starting a movement. This will be big and will generate a huge following. I am presently working on a site, press release etc.. With other good people.

Good Energy Day 09/09/09

There are days dedicated to celebrate the Earth. Days dedicated to celebrate great dead people. There are days for trees and flags. Good energy day is the day we celebrate us. All of the living things on this planet. A day to be kind. A day to forgive. A day to spread peace. Good Energy is just good for us. Please join the good people of earth and celebrate being good.

It's a fundamental human desire to join. To belong. To pursue some great goal with others. It is this insight that is found at the heart of all movements.


Please join the good people of earth. Tell the others.

Have a good day.