Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Mastermind Leader's construct

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Kim Burney
is running 3 Masterminds in June.

Each Mastermind lasts less than 1 hour.
Each participant pays her $97 a month.
Each of her Masterminds has 7 participants.

Kim Burney is making $2,037.00 in June working 3-hours a week, from home.

Are you watching closely?
Please read the PowerPoint. Thank you.


Joanna said...

This looks absolutely awesome, thanks for the opportunity! Joanna

Charles said...

This is an extremely effective construct. Creates a powerfully creative use of an hour.

CashFlow Queen said...

Sorry I missed Ben...look forward to the next one..peace mi amigo

Allen said...

Is it just me, or does everybody see the error message below?

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Ben Mack said...

Joshua, I hope the presentation lived up to your warm expectations! I love positive expectations. Welcome my friend to the show that never ends.

Charles, I am grateful for your endorse on efficacy. Thank you!

Queen Kenetra... I'm excited for lunch tomorrow.

Allen, looks good on my computer. Anybody else having difficulty seeing PPT? Thank you Allen for alerting us to what you see.

Much love,


Michael Clay said...

Loved the call last night..
and am going to start working on my group today.. so I am ready for the 3rd call

and Ben as a entertainer (who was at master class the week before me) you should come to the balloon jam and goof off with us next time

The Story Lady said...

What I love best about your construct, Ben, is that because of both the strict timeline and the way the mastermind is design, it keeps people in the Now and gives people less of an opportunity to go into an analytical state. Participants receive now and sort later.

The Story Lady

DavidHaglerDM said...

Ben, it was nice meeting you last night.

I have been thinking about our paths crossing and now see more clearly that everyone shows up in our lives for a reason.

It is our job to figure out what that reason is.

Love the site and look forward to joining the movement afoot.