Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BE A BAD ASS, make travel plans now!

Dear Inutitive,

You are either accidentally followed this blog or you have committed to learn more about attending ESP Boot Camp 1/31 in Boise.


The heart is the master and the head is the servant
and when that isn't the case we're in deep deep
trance trouble. That is the moral of this mailing list.

That and to make m$ney... Learn to swim. Learn to swim.

Read comments for more details...

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Ben Mack said...

My friend, reading this email you may
feel a sleight sting, that's pride
f*ckin' wit ya. F&CK pride! Pride
only hurts, it never helps. Fight
through that sheet. 'Cause a year
from now, when you're kickin' it in
the Caribbean with your executive
psychic friends you're gonna say,
=> "Dr. Ben Mack was right."

My student,,

In the mean time, this is gonna hurt
so you should go ahead and opt-out
through the link below now.

I have a crew of folks ready to improve
their lives, called Bad Asses.

You’ve been getting this Bad Ass email
by mistake. This is entirely my fault.
I was merging lists and you made it on
this one by mistake. You we’ren’t swept
off after you didn’t read The Bad Ass Report.

You aren't one of us, who can see the energy
and the manipulation of energy, through literal
spells and practices.


So, Sheep, I appreciate your considerations and
you should opt-out of this email series now.
You aren't ready for the messages you are about
to receive.

It is a clerical error, really. We did a segmentation
of our audience and we tagged folks into
four segments:
1) Bad Asses
2) Potential Bad Asses
3) Cows
4) Sheep


URGENT: Now, today is the day your life will
change forever. My mentor Tellman has just released
an incredible video that will show you how to get a
complete business up and running for pennies on the
dollar. But this video is only going to be up for a
little bit, HE'S TAKING IT DOWN. Watch it right away here:

Click To Watch The Secret Video http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=486124&u=http://www.OvercomeEverything.com/thirteen


I was living with Wes Unruh, a newbie to online marketing,
Wes had you as a Potential Bad Ass, but you're not.

We’ve both seen that, haven’t we?
You can’t do a 30-day sprint
because if you could, you would have by now and
you haven’t.

I'm sorry for any inconveniences this has inflicted.
We need players who live above their emotions.

We need players who are capable of setting specific
measurable results because the ability to set specific
measurable goals is something you can actually do,
we've got some great news for you.

ESP Boot Camp teaches you how once you understand
that your job is not to convince people, you automatically
get more time because you stop wasting time with

You are letting too many people suck from your
vital essence. Stop that. Get more respect for
yourself and respect your time and the time of
those around you. Get efficient.

Vampire is what you are bringing out in some
people. Stop that. Don’t train your children to
be co-dependent vampires.

That's It. You just lost the vision and that
stuckness is smudging the lens on your
3rd Eye, for real.

If you are truly interested in Time Protection,
you may keep reading. Maybe there is that Bad Ass
in you yet. And in the mean time we have you down
as a sheep.

Cows are lazy and unwilling to grapple with their emotions.

Sheep are either stupid or smart enough to keep a low profile
at times. That's why I've invested this much time speaking
with you now, because perrhaps your cowering is a habit
from an intelligence. You might imagine that I don't see you.
This reads me like a non-feeler. That would be a mistake.

I am an empath.

We connect. I believe there is an empath in you. You feel more
than you know how to handle at times. You chose me and I see
you and you aren’t hiring me to help you with your emotions so
keep that work with somebody else.

I am your m$ney coach. Yes, m$ney doesn’t make everything
better, to people who already have enough m$ney. From where
you are at it appears that m$ney will make everything better
and it will.

And if your mindset isn’t changed we might as well open the
window and pour the m$ney out that way. Honestly. I’ve seen
it more times than I care to recall. I don’t like recalling a single
time. If you inherit a lot of m$ney and don’t know what to do...
call Dr. Kevin Hogan. He’ll steer you right. He’s good like that.

Bad Asses are willing to do what others won't and this leads
you to having what others don’t.

Inutitive, just so we’re clear, it is my mistake. I'm sorry. I let Wes
set up the parameters and he sees something in you that I don't.

You need to opt-out now because I can't unmerge the lists and
frankly the 12 of THEM Bad Asses are far more valuable than
all you sheep combined.

Silence is agreement? Right? Legally we have that.
So, thank you for agreeing to opt-yourself out.

As Body for Life Champion Artemis Limpert will say,

Yes. We got one that is conscious enough to take themselves
out of the game. They might be back. The GONERS are the
ones that just drift away and just stop reading the emails
because they are too much work. THEY ARE CALLED IRAs,
what these folks say and they get what they see. They get a
world where those people continue to not do stuff.

I think you're gonna find,
when February is over and done,
I think you're gonna find yourself
one smilin' little magician. Thing is
Bad Ass, right now you got ability.
But painful as it may be, ability don't
pay the bills. Now that's a hard
motherf*ckin' fact of life, but
it's a fact of life your Bad Ass is
gonna hafta git realistic about.
This business is filled to the brim
with unrealistic motherf*ckers who
thought their Bad Ass aged like wine.
You can’t get a credit card based on that.

got ESP? Get profitable.


You have to want to m*ke m$ney,
like you are tired of being broke
for real kind of want to make m$ney.

This Boot Camp teaches financial
paths for serious students of improving
their financial path.

Burning candles alone doesn’t fill
your bank or pay your bills.

Get professional. Come learn...
The Way of The Executive Psychic.

I won’t be warm and fuzzy and you will
leave with a more profitable backbone
implanted. That’s what a boot camp does
for you.

If you don’t come to this free one,
then no whining when I charge
$1997 next time, right?

If you can’t figure out how to get here
then you don’t belong.

This is for Bad Ass creative problem
solvers who happen to be more sensitive
than most.

You wanna know what hurts? Hearing
my mom on Christmas day say, “Oh
you are going to be sensitive now” when
she sees a tear in my eye.

I forgive her because she knows not how I feel.

I am always this sensitive, I’ve simply learned
the tools to focus my energies to make money
come out the other side and to pay for whatever
training I want to try next.

I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to
amazing thinkers and energy workers by my
mom. And she is emotionally retarded.

It takes me crying for my mom to see her
words are impacting me when she is in a certain
mindset. She goes 3rd-eye-blind like that.

Speaking of 3rd-eye-blind, my book is in this
music video of theirs.


Back you to you.

You may want a Love Fest seminar. You need to know
that ESP Boot Camp is not that kind of event. Certainly,
have your Love Fest, and then make m$ney.

Preferably, make m$ney, have your Love Fest, and then
make m$ney.

Can you see the common thread?

I have more people requesting my care and attention
in my life than I know how to engage. You coming
to ESP Boot Camp is because you are serious about
spreading the healing arts sustainably.

For most people in the room will not have learned how
to do this yet and I take their education most seriously.

This is bigger than you or me.