Friday, December 26, 2008

WELCOME to ESP Boot Camp!

Hi. Thank you for reading about ESP Boot Camp.

As scroll down you'll find what attracted you to my seminar website. In Boise, ID on Saturday & Sunday 1/31-2/1 I will host a free 1.5 day seminar to bring out your profitable psychic talents. Non-believers are welcome, too. This groups loves music, magic and to a lesser extent money. When you come to Boise you will have extremely profitable ideas effortlessly embedded in your mind. BRING YOUR DRUMS IF YOU GOT THEM. Please invite your friends who are serious about learning how to be a professional psychic.

Click here to watch CNN special reporter Sandra Endo as she reveals the truth about the psychic business in this economy!

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Ben Mack said...

Reposted from fun Diva Christy Hoffman...

TeleMixer Party

Esteemed fellow ESPBootCampers -

Join us next Monday, December 29th for a meet and greet casual TeleMixer Party!

The concept is to connect the voices to the faces before our meeting in person in Boise.

Everyone is invited, even if you are unsure if you are attending yet.

Conference Number 1-218-486-1300 Pin Number: 870675#
6 PM Pacific - 7 PM Mountain - 8 PM Central - 9 PM Eastern

Here's the setup:
Like every other conference call we've all been on, when you chime in say your name. I'll write everyone's name down and when we've got everyone on, I will ask you each to introduce yourself with your mini-mixer intro.

(Think of it like the first day of school where everybody gets a turn to say who they are but fun!)

Come to the call with a mini-mixer intro:

Your Name and Geographical Location
Your web site if ya have one
What drink you have in your hand (Just for fun and silliness, non-alcohol fine)
What you are most looking forward to learning at ESP Boot Camp

In the interest of giving everyone a chance to speak, let's do our best to keep it under a minute. I'll prompt you if you forget one of the above.

If we have time, we may explore a few popular questions live, and still honor everyones time to keep the party to about an hour. Start posting your questions here in the facebook discussion board so everyone can benefit.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to mingle (send and accept friend requests) here on facebook and since there is no simple and elegant twitter/facebook integration, share your twitter links in the post marked "Easy Twitter Links"

"Hear" ya there!

:) Christy

For our International Guests
UTC-time Tuesday, December 30, 2008 at 03:00:00 (Tue 3:00 AM)
London Tue 2:00 AM
Oslo Tue 3:00 AM
Dubai Tue 6:00 AM
Tokyo Tue 11:00 AM
Sydney Tue 1:00 PM