Friday, December 26, 2008

Creative Brief especialy for Jennie Myers' Students

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Ben Mack said...

(pasted from Roderick's email as Roderick was DM's before hand to expect from me.)

Hi Ben,

There's a lot to absorb. These slides are too busy. As a presentation it needs to be reworked. In terms of a creative brief, I would skip the slides altogether. There are a lot of bullet points and my eyes wouldn't focus on what you were trying to say, even though I followed along with your voice.

Give them poster that conveys the right tone or a few examples. Don't tell them what doesn't work. (Notes for them: Do not copy this poster. There are 20,000 other people with this same poster. Please make poster different. Unique. Interesting.)

Skip the DVDs unless you absolutely need to give them something. Have them go online to purchase everything. Impress them online. To create a DVD that shines is a lot of work. Put together (or have Jennie Myers) a great looking website. Track what they do. Get them hooked online.

I hope this isn't to brief for constructive criticism.

- Roderick

P.S. Atlhough you can treat these notes as public. I wouldn't republish them with your current presentation.