Friday, December 19, 2008

Who else Wants a 4-Hour Work Week?

Who else wants to go wherever they want, with whomever you want, whenever you want, in order to do whatever you want?

OF COURSE YOU DO... That's called liberty, freedom or the American Dream... Whether you are a hedonist or simply questing unrestricted contentment, Dr. Ben Mack invites you to become a more powerful magickian to do as you please.

Making this happens requires a Belief in MAGIC, a simple word I often spell Magick.

"Millionaires don't believe in magic.
Billionaires do." J.P. Morgan

ESP Boot Camp is Hogwartz
for executives...

1) Precognition 101: Predicting Vs. Crafting

2) Spellcraft 102: Crafting your Future

3) Mind Reading 102: Beyond Cold Reading

4) ROTC: How to Throw an Elephant

5) Physical Education: How to Levitate

6) Advanced Wizzardry: Automated Profit Machines

Get ESP, get your Super Powers going on!

If you have ever known somebody was about to call, knew what somebody was about to say or felt inexplicably connected to somebody else you have ESP.

You are magic. Come meet your kind.

Got ESP?

Join us for camp.

If you have ever known somebody was about to call, experienced deja vu, knew what somebody was about to say or felt inexplicably connected to somebody else you have ESP. You are magick. Your trick now is to harness these profitable knacks into consistent, repeatable skills people will pay you for helping them because you have what they want and you have learned the gentle art of reading people.

This is how healers ethically make over $100,000 a year like clock work, even in the wors recession since World War II. Your skills deserve to be developed so you can better help more people. I want you to join me in Boise, Idaho on January 31 for the magic training you've been missing.

These are the skills you've been missing...
  • Read the minds of strangers with effortless confidence
  • Protect yourself from Dark Arts spellcrafters
  • Give people they crave you to tell them
  • Empower your clients to get more of what they want with less effort, faster
  • Identify your profitable patterns of Magickal Thinking

From the man who brought you The Bad Ass Report...

Because Billionaires Believe in Magick

ESP Boot Camp is a 11/2 day Bold Approach to magickal self-development.

BEWARE... With powerful tools comes great responsibility.

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words." ~Philip K. Dick

You'll want to create words that serve all of our higher good and accelerates bringing drinkable water to every human on this planet.

I’ve pulled together everything you need to make 6-figures in 2009, a step-by-step course on how & when to fire your boss, perhaps the day after your 3rd consecutive month of exceeding your just-over-broke job. I will teach you how to become a profitable performing philosopher, making over six-figures-a-year, setting your own hours, with clients who are paying you five-figures for a short specific project. I’m only serious.

The dirty little secret of most four-hour dreams is that you already need to have a three-million-dollar business running on auto-pilot. This is a three-fold challenge: First, you need to own a three-million-dollar a year company; Secondly, you need the specific type of a three-million-dollar a year company that is automated and runs on auto-pilot; Third, This three-million-dollar a year company of yours needs to be highly profitable and in heightened demand during the worst financial conditions.

I will present for your consideration a fractal business plan, a communication & operations blueprint for financial independence especially appropriate for the very toughest of economic conditions.

This is a business plan that not only does not require any previous experience... It is better if you don’t have any previous experience. How can previous experience hurt you? Previous experience might give you a content superiority complex where you wouldn’t be able to follow our simple instructions and do this business my way. If you come to my free seminar in Boise, Idaho January 31 10 a.m. to February 1 at 1p.m., letting you out in time to watch the Super Bowl.

This will be a party. Dress appropriately for fun & pictures.

Marshall Thurber taught me the value of teaching through games and demonstrations. I have gone through his over-night-mind-meld-of-perturbation. I won't call what he does fun. I do know what Marshall Thurber does is effective in getting motivated followers and drinkers of his flavor of Koolaid, personally I prefer a more playful approach to my tribe of Bad Asses over his genius network of pretentious mediocre thinkers... Those self-proclaimed bragging geniuses make us quiet intuitive geniuses simmer sometimes and that's a moment when we have forfeited our freedom because if you can't feel however you want you aren't really free to do as you please.

Freedom starts from the inside out.

I've been studying financial freedom. For the past three years I have been studying businesses -in-box-a-box and how mid-life self-made millionaires made their money. I’ve interviewed scores of self-made millionaires who midway through life decided they were ready to make more money with less effort. These millionaires, each and every single self-made millionaire I interviewed told me I needed to work on my mindset, learn direct response marketing and to follow a step-by-step plan of simple instructions to be able to duplicate a proven path for wealth creation.

I had to get really good at distinguishing between the courses that were really good and the course that were really good at getting people to buy them. Once I learned how to tell that difference whole new worlds opened up to me. I purchased $2,000 and $5,000 packages that were like injecting intelligence into my mind, like in The Matrix.

The vast majority of get-rich-quick courses don’t work. The ones that do aren’t always the easiest to find, nor the easiest to sell. Isn’t it ironic that the most profitable advice isn’t always the easiest to sell? That’s the truth. It is easier to sell people what they want to hear than it is to charge people for the help you can see that they need. You can often see what other people need right? Isn’t hard to get others to take the advice you absolutely know will help them. In fact it seems that the more obvious the advice is the more difficult it is to be helpful sometimes. That’s why I’m going to ask you to make yourself easy when I give you some advice in a moment.

Based on years of pitching myself and supporting myself without a boss, I have extracted some of the best ways to make a thousand dollars or more in a day with the least amount of effort, even if you have no previous experience. More importantly, I’ve seen and even tried a lot of what doesn’t work. I am going to give you my life’s work in a day and a half. You may not sleep much that night. I will outlast all the questions. I will give you all the templates and contracts you will need to safely get this business of yours built while you work your normal just-over-broke job. I’ll give this all to you for free.

Why would I invite you for FREE admission to the seminar of your life?

I need enough seminar participants to ensure I have at least two or three attendees have a five-figure February. When you apply these techniques and immediately and easily make money before the first day is complete.

No offense, but most people can't sprint for 28 days... so I need to make this free so I get enough folks with the right fortitude to actually make 2009 the year their finances finally stopped being a struggle. You will finally have the magickal ability to sit down and make money because psychic clients are going to be clamoring to get an appointment with you.

I’m gifting everybody free admission because I want you to be one of my Top-5 case money grossing case studies for success. The 1.5 day seminar here in Boise, ID will be used for the DVDs of an expensive home study course. By attending the free seminar, you will get everything for free and receive follow-up weekly coaching calls between the end of the seminar and the launch date.

Is there a catch? Yes...

If I don’t bring this up now, somebody will leave a discomfiting comment below... There is a catch. Before you arrive in Boise I need you to buy and listen to an 80 minute CD that you can get for under $26 at a wide variety of retailers...

Here’s the catch...
Boise, 10am 1/31 - 1pm 2/1 Free admission is contingent on the purchase of a CD that costs <$30 Buy from whatever vendor you like.

You need the information on this CD to work the first part of my revolutionary system. Here’s the part where you have to open your mind real wide... I’m training you to be a professional psychic for a year. Why would I prescribe this path for you? For a lot of profitable reasons I can explain like Existing Traffic flow with reliable fast payment to you. I will teach you an approach that comports with my morals and ethics.

I’ll show you a lot of other ways to make money... and the fastest way to make 6-figures that I have seen is by being a professional psychic. No matter what, learning the basics of folk psychology will make you more effective in everything you get intentional about.

Here's how to register...

1) Place a comment below saying you are coming

2) Make arrangements to stay in or near Downtown Boise night of 1/31/09

3) Watch this board for the exact location of ESP Brain Camp

4) Arrive at location prior to 10 am, having already listened to

Lee Earle's Gentle Art of Cold Reading

5) Have fun... the learning is automatic.


Ben Mack said...

The first comment was DM'd me on Twitter...

Direct message from Chad Michael Lawson
Quick question for you?


Thank you for making the video. I'll teach you how to dominate a market by teaching you a business plan you can swipe if you know how to swipe.

The evening of 1/31 I will stay up as long as there are questions. I will open my laptop and share and build whatever you need to dominate your market.

You need to be able to capture the answers to your questions in such a way you will be able to implement them.

That's on you.

How are you at learning?

Have you listened to Dave Lakhani & I interview Joshua Waitzkin on his then recently released book The Art of Learning...

Chad, how has this reply suited your questions?

If you tell me what you want to learn I can tell you if I can teach it, or in what ways I will you that.

Will you tell me specifically what you want to walk away with?

I'd be grateful.

With gratitude,


repdareal said...


Aaron here. Man the stuff you are coming up with is outstanding!!

Real quick, I had a quick question. I am currently serving in the US Army and am scheduled to deploy soon, supposed to be over there by the middle of January, so my question is this, how can someone get a hold of the material from this bootcamp if they want to attend and may be out of the country and unable to do so.

Either way, if I'm still here in the US, plan on seeing me, if not, I'll be looking forward to the DVD material you mentioned in the Blog post.

I've already picked up everything, you have recommended for learning Cold Reading, the CD, the Something for Nothing book, even the MillionaireMagician ebook, keep this stuff coming.

Talk to you soon, and keep working your magick.



Ben Mack said...

repdareal (aka Aaron), selfsufficientgoddess, Amy J + Energy = Bliss!, Vinay Basavaraja, Wild Dogs Marketing (aka Ryan), Stick Ad, Katie... I'm so excite you all are coming. Lee & Robbin Collins are coming and so is Michael Morgan.

Tony said...

Been reading about your ESP Bootcamp on the site and have talked others some about it. I'm interested in coming but would like to know more. I have been doing cold reading for years (among other things) and your event sounds like fun. I was wondering if you could share a few more details about what all will be happening there. Also wondering about best hotels, etc. Lastly, I'm curious as to who all is going to be there? I think I heard the Collins' are going to be Dave Lakhani also? Or Tellman? Just wondering...Thanks!

Tony Laidig

SmokedBBQmeat said...

Ben, My wife and I @CCGAL are planning on being there. One question. Since we are a married couple do we need to buy two copies of the CD or can we just share the one?


Bob Kleppin

Karey said...

Just to let you know I'll be there! What I'll have prepared is a bunch of videos that answer questions my readers have, or should be asking.

I want to walk away from the bootcamp knowing how to portray an understanding of my customers that comes across our first "meeting" online, so that they're amazed at the connection they feel, and therefore want to be a part of my life, which is my offering, my product.

...And I'll be prepared to revamp the vids if I need to. Will have watched you and Dave Lakhai's interview with Joshua Waitzkin...going to do that right now, in fact.


Katie said...

Tony - it would be very cool to also meet you in person @ Ben's event! I understand Lynette will be there, too.

funDiva Christy Hoffman said...

OK ordered the CD - working on the rest, see facebook group for details

Can you summarize what Chad's gorilla was now that the video is no longer working?

Shane Butler said...

Hey Ben,
I don't know the exact method but I'll find a way to get up there.

BTW, what's the weather like in Boise at the end of January?

John said...

Hey Dude,
Count me in, Just ordered the CD. Been trying to put together a mentalism set for a while, I thought I had gotten Earles stuff... I can't wait for your seminar. First one I've been personally excited to come to in a long time! Really looking forward turbocharging my Personal Coaching and Consulting biz!

Thanks a lot Ben!
John Jaworski
Stompernet Coach

SeanBissell said...


Count me in as well!

I told my brother about your event and he really wants to go too.

Is it cool if he attends?

Thanks! And I'm ordering the CD ASAP.


Sebastian said...

Ben, I'll be there with baggage. I'm driving cross the country to check this out! What a beautiful destination in Boise. Let me know if it's too late?! twitter/53880