Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Mastermind Friends... Thank You

Friends, before we beginn...
Will you Tweet for MJ?

Please Tweet something like this => "Congratulations @MJSchrader for stepping into @KimBurney's final seat in her 3 COMPLETELY FULL MASTERMIND's in June."

Thank you for Masterminding!

Thank you all for asking great questions. I'll answer your questions below. Follow-up questions are best asked on Twitter @BenMack. Getting into a free mastermind is likely to happen if you post a comment in the comment section below, and you say that you are seeking to get into a free mastermind.

Two Professional Mastermind Leaders are opening new Masterminds in the next 10 days. Rhonda has a private version especially for existing students of hers, and Mark Horn is beginning 3.
Learn more about Mark Horn's
Profitable Momentum Mastermind
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What 'tools' are necessary for a leader to do a good job? What should a leader focus on in choosing participants, for a group with creative chemistry? What 'works' in info/bio collection on participants in preparation for the first meeting?

Chris, Thank you for asking about tools and how to get started. This is a perfect question. If you want to do telephone masterminds... The first question is do you want a free service or a $97 a month service. Let's discuss this on Sunday Night's call and I'll have a laundry list for you there... two ways... 1) Free totally FREE, and the second way is... 2) Less than $200 with pro gear. I used free first, now Mark & I are all proservices. This is a great question for Mark Horn if you want to come on the call with him Thursday evening.

"Is it a requirement that all Mastermind participants are part of the same business network or working in/on similar projects? Or can a Mastermind function effectively with a disparate mix of willing participants? Will you expore the pros and cons of same focus versus different foci for participants?"

Bradley, we love recruiting questions... Not necessary at all. Most masterminds I know of are masterminding for a better way of life. Money is part of a better way of life.

However, Big
Ticket Masterminds are often niche specific. There are a whole bunch of structures for Masterminding. Here in Atlanta there is a quarterly Mastermind for CMO's and it costs $50k a year to meet 4x a year, for a single day.

I'm teaching the system I have optimized with Kim Burney.

How do we market a new Mastermind group so that people will want to join us? i.e. Where do we find participants?

I'll be teaching a few ways, and this is a great question to engage in your own Mastermind. My first Masterminds were among friends I already knew. I began leading Masterminds because I saw the value of Masterminding and I would have that as a bonus for what I sold from the stage. Now, I've agreed to pay as much as $12k for a year of "Masterminding" with a guru. That use of the word Masterminding was for 1 hour a month of his time.

What is the focus and purpose of a master mind group?

Trish this is the tricky part... whatever you want it to be. I like Masterminding for common ground and gratitude. I find that the more I speak in life-affirming ways the more miracles I see in my life. As I see miracles and enjoy their abundance I see even more. This may sound woo-woo to some... once I saw my first angel, I saw more all around me.

What is the best way to get someone to check ypur website from your business card?

Give them an irresistible offer... as described in this Mark Joyner seminal work => Click Here <=

how do you recommend to best market mastermind groups? do you have any "sales pages" that are good models to check out? also is there a recorded mastermind call to listen to one to get more deeper idea of how it goes?

Donna, Next Sunday we can dive into marketing tactics. "Best" is unobtainable because we are scientists that regularly measure and split test ideas. And, below, I outline an engagement tactic I call The Relevant Truth. It worked for manufacturing the phenom around What Would Bill Hicks Say... 300k Unique Views in 90 days with less than $100 spent (on bumper stickers for Burning Man).

Discrete Friend
I got what you should say on the 2nd mastermind call forward...however what do you say on the first call (ie...did you accomplish your goals last week)

Discrete Friend, um, we use our real first names in this group please. Thank you for understanding we have a couple house rules.

Are minutes of some sort being taken at the mastermind? Would those minutes be available to the group thru out the week?

Ron, absolutely you can provide that service when you lead your own masterminds. In a system I am building for 5/10 May of 2010, the Mastermind Leaders will enter notes into a backoffice, and that's not built yet. FOR NOW, I'm more concerned with getting Mastermind Leaders comfortable with my construct before I ask them to multitask. If you can already moderate and take notes you are good and yes, go for it. For beginners, I ask them to give themselves easy wins and stack those easy wins. :-) I hope this helps ~Ben

Can you give some ways to get people into my new masermind group?

Doreen, absolutely... On next Sundays call I'll explain a process I create called The Relevant Truth. Let me see if I might Nutshell this for you here, if you read closely...
Step 1: Search for "Mastermind" on Twitter by clicking on the previous word in quotes.
Step 2: Add to an existing conversation before asking for anything... Seek first to understand and then to be understood.
Step 3: Invite someplace else... Like to your blog post on Masterminding or to an affiliate make money.

Where do I find people to join my mastermind, and how do I get people to join?

Rafael it is heartening for me to read you are stepping into action! Congratulations. Kim recruited her groups using Twitter and Facebook. Ask Kim on Twitter please... @KimBurney

Does the mastermind leader act as participant as well, or just lead others and hold their own stuff for another mastermind group?

Crystal, profoundly important question. When doing free masterminds, you'll likely want to participate with those folks. When You turn pro, don not participate. Mark and I will discuss the importance of this transition if you can make our call => Click hear <= Thank you for asking such a phenomenal question!

With Kim running 3 mastermind group...I am assuming that she is not starting all 3 at noon. So, what are the times that she holds her masterminds?

Mike, that's a great question to ask Kim on Twitter @KimBurney

Have you determined "7" as the ideal number of MM group members?

Elsom, fantastic question. "Determined" and "ideal" an awfully strict word to some scholarly stringent folks. May iT suffice iT to say that the process was optimized to 7. We are certainly open to refinement suggestions from you. Were you thinking of something more scrumptious in some way? Love you Elsom.

Would you give more detalis on how the 7 minute period with each participate should be directed.

David, thank you for asking for more details! Yes, on this Thursday's call with Mark Horn we will break-this-down for you. (Note to Mark on Thursday call content @MarkHorn)

Please address Smart goals... in the slideshow, only reference when asked did you accomplish Smart goals. nothing about setting smart goals for the next week. When, and how?

Beth, thank you for asking for a specific deliverable. Great question! After each Mastermind Friend has taken their turn, there is a round of S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Each Mastermind Friend states a Specific Measurable Action, that will be Realistic for them to accomplish, albeit maybe a stretch, and this action is Time-bound... In other words you give yourself a deadline that you make happen.

That would be great for us to be able to have one of those, depending on our market. Can one be developed to teach us how to create one?

Lorenzo, I imagine you are writing about the Self-Replicating-Physical-Brochure, yes?


FernWise said...

I am SO loving this!

Ben, will you be giving us info on the tech you use for the calls & how much that costs to set up and use? I will spend what I have to - I'm just more comfortable knowing figures in advance!

I can see myself using this for Mastermind groups for magick, for Pagans who want to build relationships with the Gods, for Pagan business people (yeah, I have a niche I want to work with!).
It will also be great for my gardening/food storage/storage cooking niche.

Frondly, Fern

Tabitha said...

Thank you Ben! I have been contemplating how to do this myself and contacting you since we spoke on the G.M. project last year. I am excited to participate and catch listening to last Sunday's call now!
I have run many groups but never had a real format!
Much gratitude!

Ben Mack said...

Thursday NIGHT bonus FREE CALL... 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific
Masterminding ☞FREE call

Hello Frondly Fern!

Yes, on tonight's call Mark Horn and I will be giving you all the info you need, the exact tech to use for the calls & how to get them all for free if you want.


I am glad you see the Good Energy in leading Masterminds!

You are a blessing,


TABITHA... Yay! I'm so glad you are with us!

Lorenzo said...

Hello Ben,

lorenzo here & yes that is what I believe I am talking about. I heard you say you develop a small booklet for one of your clients that they put in stores around town. They were sold & the owner received all or part of the proceeds.

If you recall that, & if we could be shown how to do one or if you could provide us a model that would be great.

Could be used as a way to get people into our masterminds even. Especially if you where to do as Rhonda & have 3 or more going at a time.

What do you think about that?

Thank you,