Friday, October 9, 2009

11x Multiplier Mastermind Brad Fallon


StomperNet Supports 1-Hour Mastermind

Yesterday, I was on a StomperNet Faculty Call when Brad Fallon recapped the results of StomperNet's recent relaunch. His company grew their revenue by 11-times in fewer than 3-weeks. Brad referred to this accomplishment as "pretty cool" and relatively decent. Why? Because the goal was 23X. It's tough when I feel compelled to talk up the spirits of a multiple-eight-figure-man because he didn't hit an astronomical sales goal he wanted. I'm just sayin'

Brad, I'm sorry we didn't do better. I'm sure it is in some ways my fault. If I had better uncovered the market's Culture Code, we may have had a 9-figure day. The truth of the matter is if I could engineer my own 8-figure days, I wouldn't be working so much for Brad. However, I probably would still be on Faculty with StomperNet. Why? Because Brad's that smart that it's worth being on the inside to see how his mind makes so much money for so many people. StomperNet is credited with over 100 million-dollar-online-businesses created by its students.

Let's learn a little bit more about the man... For over 4 years, Brad Fallon was "the coolest guy on the planet." How do we know this? Google. Brad Fallon used to rank #1 when you Googled "the coolest guy on the planet."

Has anything changed? Sure. Brad is far more concerned with making money and building his businesses then he is in ranking for a vanity Google rating, so he's no longer "the coolest guy on the planet." Let's look at his Internet Marketing track record...

Brad Fallon is the author of Creating Customers Out of Thin Air: Secrets of Online Marketing for Offline Businesses and the co-founder of Smart Marketing, Inc. (a network of wholesale and retail e-commerce businesses) and other endeavors related to internet marketing. Beginning with a $2,000 start-up investment for My Wedding Favors in January, 2004, Brad’s online businesses grew from $1.2 million in first year revenue to $7.8 million in 2005 and $32 million in 2006.

How does this relate to you and me? Brad Fallon is my boss. I'm on faculty with StomperNet, I'm the BRANDING faculty.

In October 2006, Brad co-founded StomperNet with Andy Jenkins, now the world’s leading distance-learning companies dedicated to teaching the best practices of Internet Marketing. StomperNet’s launch on October 3, 2006 set the first day sales record for online sales of information products, selling more than $12 million in the first 12 hours, what many tout as the world's first online 8-figure day. Well done.

In 2008, Brad masterminded another record-setting new product launch, The Net Effect, a brand new magazine devoted to internet marketing, signed up more than 18,000 subscribers at $50/month in its first two weeks. Woo-hoo! You can read my articles on Branding & Consumer Reasearch in The Net Effect. WARNING: This is where I publish my articles on diabolical marketing tactics that may offend those suffering from Marketingitis.

Is Brad Fallon human or super-human? Human, Brad graduated second in his class from the University of Florida College of Law in 1997. Rumor had it he made a mafia offer to the #1 student to hold-back a semester, but apparently it was not an irresistible offer, apparently this is the one-deal Brad offered where somebody could say yes.

Brads favorite activity is helping entrepreneurs grow their business faster through the leverage of Internet Marketing. That's why he's supporting the launch of my next venture 1-Hour Mastermind.

Thank you Brad!

With gratitude,

Ben Mack


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Great Post Ben!

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Brad just blows my mind!

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I sense WE will Engineer and Manifest our first 8-Figure Launch on January 2010...and help a lot of folks currently struggling out there.

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P.S. AMC3 Project is on the way...