Friday, October 9, 2009

Kenrick Cleveland is... The UNCONSCIOUS PERSUASION Expert

"He taps your unconscious, releasing your intuitive edge."

The great news is that Kenrick Cleaveland is preparing a special bonus for students of The 1-Hour Mastermind Academy. Why is this great news? Because he is so powerful. When you can teach Unconscious Persuasion you can teach anybody how to be more profitable.

While I've witnessed Kenrick's power and been empowered by his teachings, before I begin my testimonial, let's let Kenrick's numbers speak for themselves.

In Boise, Idaho, Kenrick transformed a failing health club that was losing $30,000 per month into a profit-making juggernaut by increasing sales and showing a $30,000 profit in 60 days.

How? He is the world's best teacher of getting-off on the "right" foot. What EXACTLY does this mean... Kenrick teaches students the subtle, yet easy art of unconscious persuasion.

What does unconscious persuasion look like? I can explain to you what happened when Kenrick taught me how to leverage The Unconscious Hello. Imagine being able to have instant rapport with somebody before they are even conscious of your connection. What this means is that people start-off liking you, from complete stranger to desire for engagement in about 2.3 seconds.

For me, employing Kenrick Cleaveland's Unconscious Hello has enabled me to engage strangers as if I'm wearing an invisible tractor beam. It doesn't work 100% of the time, it's not that kind of strategy. And when your energies engage they other they are simply drawn to you unconsciously.

Kenrick's Unconscious Hello works so often that it's weird at first. Folks will weirdly curve around and start talking to you with a positive expectation and and air of defference. It's weirdly powerful to have complete strangers appearing to be sucking-up to me.

For more than two decades, KENRICK E. CLEVELAND has dedicated himself to perfect the techniques, the skill, the "art" of unconscious influence. Leveraging a meteoric sales background coupled with experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) PLUS hypnosis, Kenrick crafted a model of unconscious persuasion.

WANT PROOF? Try a BILLION DOLLAR testimonial...

Home Fed Bank used Kenrick's strategies for implementing effective and profitable unconscious persuasion. Kenrick taught his easy-to-learn Unconscious Persuasion tactics to trainers responsible for staff education. Kenrick's model was taught to every level of the corporation - from the boardroom to the tellers. Home Fed credits Kenrick's training with increasing their cross sales ratio by more than a third and their net deposits by $1 billion.

Allow me to close with how Jay Abraham
celebrates Kenrick's persuasion prowess...
"Kenrik holds the key to sales success undreamed of
by most sales people" --Jay Abraham

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