Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More 1-Hour Mastermind Directors needed ASAP!

In two weeks Joseph Ranseth launches his next product... Joseph needs #1hrMM Directors for his back-end, his 2nd up-sell.

Now is the time to introduce yourself to Joseph if you are seeking to be a professional Mastermind Director sooner than not taking action TODAY. Listening to Joseph's audio now is your first step to being prepared to offer him your professional services...

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Lorenzo said...

Hey Guys,

That was some interesting stuff that was being discussed & helpful.

However, as I went to find out the 3 letter word that is so powerful within marketing & did not find it.

If it came after the video it has been removed because the only thing that pops up is 3 dots & then the word zeigarnik.

So, Ben could you help me out & tell what the word is or send me somewhere else to find it?

Thank you,