Saturday, April 17, 2010

Joel Bauer... GENIUS

First and foremost, I want to thank Joel Bauer for gifting me a better life, through his teachings and intelligence.

However, our relationship is presently strained.

Joel Bauer is a marketing genius. The trouble is that some geniuses don't know how to turn their genius off sometimes, when they would appear more humane.

Joel Bauer's genius allowed me to pay my way through UCLA as a magician. At age 15, twenty-seven years ago, I took Joel Bauer's very first seminar Hustle, Hustle. At age 27, I asked him to teach me how to be a trade show magician. I was grateful for his candor that he would be afraid of my competition. I continued into consumer research. I used my skills as a magician, to be able to see what an audience sees, for corporate agendas.

My path as a marketer forged steadily ahead, largely because of the marketing prowess I was gifted by magicians like Paul Daniels, Albert Goshman and Joel Bauer.

Joel is a marketing engineer. He gifted the marketing community with the term "transformational mechanisms" which he coined to explain effective trade show booth give-aways. Joel, better than anybody I know, can pitch. Joel has forwarded the science of pitch. I have personally and professionally benefited from Joel's advancements.

However, what Joel appears to me as P.T. Barnum-esque schadenfreude. This is truly worthy of contemplation...

Joel Bauer appears to me as doing what P.T. Barnum did with the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute" as described in the 32 minute from which his viral meme was born... watch now => The Pitch, Poker & The Public

That's the documentary where the video the now famous viral video Your Business Card Is Crap! came from.

Joel Bauer is claiming credit via for the viral success. I emailed a letter to the editor at Time, and I have yet to hear back. And here on Fox News Joel Bauer takes credit for the viral success. This is funny, in a meta-recursive kind of truthiness and loopholery kind of way.

Chris Zubryd deserves the credit.

The irony is that Joel Bauer stole credit with a YouTube video called Business Card FAIL.

In terms of law of attraction... Joel, careful what kind of energy you put out there, because sometimes the labels we use come back around to haunt us.

I'm just sayin' You do a great character!

Thanks for the meme.


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