Thursday, April 22, 2010

Statistics on Mobile Phones

USA as of December, 2009:
  • Wireless Connections 285.6 M
  • Wireless Penetration 91% of total U.S. population
  • Wireless only households 22.7%
  • Total Annual wireless revenues $152.6B
  • Total Wireless Data Revenues 41.5B
  • Yearly minutes of use 2.3 trillion
  • Yearly SMS messages 1.56 trillion
  • Total registered U.S. cell sites 247,081

World Market share (Wikipedia)

The world's largest individual mobile operator is China Mobile with over 500 million mobile phone subscribers. The world's largest mobile operator group by subscribers is UK based Vodafone. There are over 600 mobile operators and carriers in commercial production worldwide. Over 50 mobile operators have over 10 million subscribers each, and over 150 mobile operators have at least one million subscribers by the end of 2009 (source wireless intelligence).

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