Saturday, April 10, 2010

Michelle Chance-Sangthong... We salute you.

Congratulations Michelle Chance-Sangthong!

You just won a Round-Trip-Ticket-For-Two to Philladelphia, PA, USA for Fourth of July weekend! Remember that Monday 7/5 is a National holiday ;-) We want you to be our keynote speaker.

I first met Michelle Chance-Sangthong in New Jersey of '05. I have a picture of her riding an inflatable alligator, but if I used that picture here she might not accept our prize for her and Toi.

You see, Audrey & I really want you Michelle to speak at our Christmas In July seminar. In what ways might Audrey & I make this appealing for you?

We don't know how many people to expect. We've asked those who are coming to bring their whole business team if they like. Whether that be their family or co-workers. What we can promise you is a smart, pro-eCommerce audience.

You are a veteran eCommerce store owner. Audrey & I have both know you and Toi for years, separately. It was a fantastic moment when we realized we were talking about the same Michelle Chance. It was the -Sangthong which clinched it ;-)

We want you at our seminar! I don't know if this is a mafia offer, but we're going to make it tough for you to say no.

For my readers, please meet Michelle Chance-Sangthong. The first is a video of her teaching. Then below is an audio I did with her and Wes Unruh from 10/03/06.

In this first video, we benefit from Michelle's 22 years of entrepreneurial online success. She's an expert on INCREMENTAL MARKETING, how you can make immediate money while your building a substantial eCommerce business. Next to, of course Audrey, Michelle appears to me as the smartest online business woman I know.

This aint no academic lecture. This is genius horse sense, with two-decades of proof. I take notes and replay Michelle's foundational presentations like her's I present to you here...

Now, hear Michelle, Wes and I discuss masterminding... press play


Ben Mack said...

or Cash, gas equivalent ;-) I forgot => You & Toi ARE mobile! Do you have pets? Inquiring minds need to know.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Ben and Audrey, How could we say no to an introduction like that? Thank you. We would be honored to attend.

Let me discuss with Toi how much travel The Roaming Entrepreneurs will want to do before or after Philly and we can figure out the rest. Fortunately with all the Roaming, Mom is caring for our doggy - so no pets to worry about (thank you for asking - you know how to reach Toi, too).

Doreen said...

Very good marketing tips.
Thanks so much.