Monday, April 12, 2010

Table Stakes of business

This film is about manipulation, influence and PT Barnum. It asks the question; "Can one go corporate without losing ones soul? Can you make money and hold onto what is most important in life?" There are five interviews with men who create perceptions (and read others perceptions) for a living. They talk about what they do, and how they do it so well. Marketing, Poker, Trade shows and the music industry are discussed by professionals within those fields. Mike Caro- Worlds most famous draw poker player and founder of Mike Caro University. Joel Bauer- Worlds most effective trade show performer and pitchman. Jay Levinson- Super ad man, created the Marlboro man and the jolly green giant. Also the originator of guerrilla marketing. Howard Bloom- Author and PR man to most of the most famous rock bands in the 70's and 80's. (He discusses the process of launching joan jett's career.) and Ben Mack- Account Planner and Brand planner for the largest advertising company in the south east. They have all been in the business for decades, and they have all learned some very interesting things about what is important in the face of creating perceptions in order to turn a profit. The film explores their knowings and revelations through the frame of the greatest in their fields to date; PT Barnum." ~Chris Zubryd, Director

Here's Chris Zubryd's 32-minute original The Pitch, Poker & The Public...