Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chapter 2

"Metaphysical gravity governs thought and actionsas traditional gravity governs inanimate objects."
~Howard W. Campbell, author
Poker Without Cards, Revision 2.5

This book is a call to acceptance. Denying gravity has never been known to make gravity go away. I am suggesting you are already getting exactly what you want.

Your subvocalizations of not getting what you want, or of the world not working perfectly, are auditory hallucinations. Your mind is an organ system of multiple intelligences.

In many weighs, auditory consciousness appears to me as the dumbest of your traditional six senses. Along these lines, your mind will tell you anything to sorurvive or be right.

Contrary to popular ken, 'stuff' and 'things' are the very substance of unreality. To me, every thing 'is' simply a reflection of your attachments. Yes, I know your reality is bound to have multiple internal consistencies. Very good.

May I request you not read my words as anything other than an additional take on reality? Hear this deal I want want to make with you: I won't make you wrong as you offer me the same courtesy.

Pardon me, if you must. We live in letigious times. There are times when I feel compelled to take exception to various realities, yours included, when and if, your take on reality leads directly to my liberties being curtailed.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Thank you for understanding Me.

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Craig said...

I agree. I asked my girlfriend who is a very good Dr. of Clinical Psychology and she agrees. She also said it may be unnecessarily harsh to tell people that believe they are sane that they are having auditory hallucinations.

I am someone who is comfortable with knowing that the voice in my head is often out of touch with reality. I find the harsh tone to be funny as harsh truth often is.