Friday, January 30, 2009

Butterfly Marketing's VIRTUAL 3rd Birthday PARTY... 1/31/09

Butterfly Marketing
Launched 1/31/06

Butterfly Marketing is based on the exponential trend of the viral exponent.

Who else remembers...

January 31, 2006

Butterfly Marketing Revolutionized
Membership Sites

Managed Content Sites!

With Butterfly Marketing, for the first time customers...

1. Prospects are automatically given 2 accounts...

2. Customers login

3. Customers receive the value on the inside with limited membership & option of upgrade / full access but limited in depth EVERYONE becomes your affiliate

4. They find a reason to promote your site (50/50 commission, a dome downline of affiliate income, more value on inside, sense of community, etc.)

5. CUSTOMERS come back OVER and OVER again

  • All members are addressed by his/her name in order to create a sense of exclusivity & community --> thus increases the building of your customer/member database
  • This works for ALL free eBooks, free newsletters & free content --> Make EVERYONE become members to access their free content
Mike Filsaime enabled me to myself doing this...
Thank you Mike!

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