Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Invisible Philanthropy... Marc Goldman goes Barnum!

I've been studying as much of Dr. Joe Vitale
as I can and in The Power of Outrageous Marketing
he's teaching me the value of contests!

Dr. Joe also reveals contest strategies in...
There's a Customer Born Every Minute.

Barnum LOVED contests and Marc Gold has just gone Barnum with a contest.

So, if you
name Marc Goldman's new...
Goldbar mascot
...then you win a 1 oz GOLD BAR
(Value today $940.00)

Here is how you play:

Step 1: Please visit http://hostone.goldbar.net

Step 2: Wait for the page to load and check out our brand new
animated mascot (loads in a overlay)

Step 3: Tell me what you think his name should be. Here is
how you do that: Either send an email to promotions@goldbar.net,
post a comment on my blog: http://www.marcgoldman.name
or if you use Twitter I am @marcgoldman DM or @ replies

Step 4: We will compile all answers and choose a winner on
Feb 1.

The deadline for entries is 11:59 PM Eastern time on Jan 31

Step 5: we send the winner a Genuine Gold Bar in the mail

Simple as that.

So - if you can really help us name our new friend - I would
greatly appreciate it.

Marc Goldman

PS This contest is open to all

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