Saturday, January 24, 2009

ESP Contest... Win $1,485 Prize Package

Who else like to win FREE stuff...

ESP Contest
How Man Candy Hearts
First Winning ANSWER Wins
(or closest by 1/31, 10am BOISE)
Ouer grand prize winner receives a very special home study coursee

Psychic Millions
Everything you need to Become an Executive Psychic and earn $1 to $23 a minute as a telephone psychic

$897 DVD set ESP Boot Camp
$197 My First Reading LIVE teleseminar training starts 2/10
$297 Profitable Momentum
$ 47 The Relevant Truth
$ 47 The Bad A$$ Report

$1,485.00 Total Prize Package


1) Use your Intuitive Edge to guess the number of Candy Hearts in the jar pictured

2) Write a blog or a Twitter Tweet with your answer... AND A LINK Twitter entrants please use this link RT image link w/ your Executive Psychic intuition!

3) Blog entries Must link to this page AND in the comments below inlude the link to your blog post!

Two ways to enter: Twitter or Blog!

ESP Boot Camp attendees who attend the live event in Boise will all recieve part favors that include...

$197 My First Reading LIVE teleseminar training starts 2/10 $297 Profitable Momentum $ 47 The Relevant Truth $ 47 The Bad A$$ Report!

COME TO BOISE 1/31 - 2/1 TO HONE YOUR INTUITIVE PROFITS & SKILLS. See below for more details. Thank you for your participation in spreading our intuitive technologies. I am grateful for your energetic contributions. We're all on Spaceship Earth together. Let's co-create our instruction manuals.


ArtByLetters©®™ said...

twittering the answer 6420

GenerosityMarketing said...

I have a feeling 742
bryan Bliss

Manju said...

twittering 532 as THE answer.
Feel this is certainly the exact number.Any more and the wud burst.
Look forward to more Profitable Magic from Ben.

Katie said...

Hey Ben, I guessed 2323, and not the B3 bomber!! Already tweeted per your instructions.

I look forward to next weekend in Boise - will be very much fun!

Paul said...

I am twittering my answer of 4275.

Looking forward to the contest!

tamm0449 said...

I would guess that there are 365 pieces of candy in the Jar.
Tamara Lesley

Diane Renaud said...

I would say that there is about 857 hearts in the jar.

Diane at

Jim Zaccaria said...

My feeling is there are 697 hearts in the jar. Tweeted @

Kevin said...

1485 hearts
Kevin Morrissey

GenerosityMarketing said...

the twitter prediction is at

Brian said...

942 pieces.

Sean said...

I think there are 779 hearts, Ben.

Tony said...

My guess is 1,263...Tony

Anonymous said...

I know in my heart that there as many hearts in that jar as your heart desires.

Batman said...

Ok, now that I've tied for third... How to collect? :) Oh, 1525 was the correct answer :)


Diane said...

1525 was the correct answer. I'll try harder the next time.

Love you to Ben