Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boise weekend ESPbootCAMP

Hello Campers!
Happy 2009. We've made it here together.
to the year of commanding an executive's salary!

ESPbootCAMP installs simple confidence tools and a system to make you an executive psychic. Learn how to make an executives salary from your couch with Keen and how to have $500 nights with Psychic Parties. Here's what to expect...

When you arrive at Boise International Airport (BOI) you may be tempted to go skiing, mountaineering or driving to Yellowstone National Park. All are spectacular choices this time of year. Idaho is spectacular with a snow covering. If you can schedule an extra day, arrive 1/29 because 1/30 a bunch of us are heading out in a van. Michael Lovitch hired Dave Lakhani for consulting 1/30. Smart man. Dave & I have 2/2 open.

MOST CAMPERS arrive January 30-Leave after 2pm of 2/1.
ESPbootCAMP, the seminar for Executive Psychics.
Boise Riverside Doubletree Hotel.
Reserve now <$80 a night. Post in comments if you are seeking to share a room.

The Evening Of January 30 some campers will be drumming, other campers will have a $125 Sleigh Ride and gourmet dinner... Downtown restaurants & bars are a $4-$6 cab ride away or if you want to sleigh ride please email askMarkHorn-at-gmail. :-) Just email him "sign me up" there's a "Women's Art Show" art opening, a $3 cab ride away from Doubtree Like independent movies... you gotta have homemade soup & wine at FLICKS.

Scrumptious Fun...
Boise is famous for authentic Basque Cuisine... I recommend Basque Kitchen where from 4:30-5:30 they have $1.50 well drinks, $5 Hot Buttered Rums to die for and a $15 Salted Cod appetizer that is more sumptuous than the words salt or cod belie. Boise is filled with gems like this. That's one of 12 Basque restaurants. They each have specialties.

Get your Bad Ass to Boise, ID Doubletree Hotel
9 AM January 31, 2009.
Please dress for your kind of party.
Many Executive Psychics are coming in costume.

9 AM Registration
9:45 Doors Open
10 AM Doors Close. We have our campers.

10 AM ESPbootCAMP begins with me, Dr. Ben Mack performing my rapidly becoming famous "Psychic Rapport Party". Tomorrow you get FREE your Psychic Rapport Party Kits which includes EVERYTHING I use to produce and promote Psychic Rapport Parties.

This first morning is spent in teams learning how to give the satisfying experience of a Psychic Rapport Party.

Psychic Rapport Party is engineered for people to pay you $230 for an evening's entertainment that includes you selling books and small gifts that are easily crafted from your home computer. I give you what you need to make $230, or 500-$1,000 if we include your bookstore. I'm giving you a complete business-in-a-box. Psychics have been giving ESP Parties for centuries. They've been called Parlor shows, or a Performing Philosopher show. I give you a show to make you money. I give you all this. Seriously.

Before breaking for lunch we discuss how much money has been made in the room from

1 PM LUNCH begins

2:45 PM ESPbootCAMP RESTARTS is engineered for people seeking psychics to connect with Psychics. After lunch we discuss winning Executive Psychic strategies for getting up and profitable quickly on

Dave Lakhani explains how Executive Psychics can get publicity.

6 PM Break

7 PM Butterfly Marketing Birthday -
Fondue Party STARTS...

Mike Filsaime is expected to call-in. :-) If you are coming, Fondue Dinner Courses likely be $25, includes tip. You pay for your own drinks of course. Bring your cell phone to hear our toast with Mike on the bridgeline. If CAMPERS would prefer a steakhouse or Speghetti Factory please speak up quickly. Or we can simply stay in the hotel. The hotel's van is helping us, i think. Later, at the Doubletree there is Karaoke. We have access to our room all night for the drumming circle. Folks will be giving readings all over the hotel. Have fun.

ESPbootCAMP Executive Tools
9:30 AM February 1, 2009.
Please dress for a cocktail party you want to attend.

10 AM I pass out your Psychic Rapport Party Kits which includes EVERYTHING I use to produce and promote Psychic Rapport Parties.

The morning is spent reveiwing your new tools in your Psychic Rapport Party Kit. Now we learn Guerrilla Marketing Especially for Magicians, Psychics & Performing Philosophers.

Please post your comments, questions and suggestions in the comments section please...

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Jim Zaccaria said...

Hello Campers!

Anybody having difficulty w/making the Hotel rates, I May have an alternative for you. I will be staying with a local resident from 1/15-2/2 who offered space for up to 2 more - I don't know his exact terms, but I am saving a Ton 'o Dough. You likely could too. Normally, I'd simply stay @ the hotel, but as I'm going to be in town for several days it only made sense to make other arrangements.

If you're interested in breaking free from a 'Meme' this could be a chance. Move from I can't to Wow! Here's another way - a Way I hadn't thought of! :o)

Either way, I'll See YOU in Boise!

Warmest regards from sunny AZ