Saturday, January 3, 2009

Win $1,000 in January

$1,000 Contest
details in the comments below
and it's as easy as registering at Keen in the video.

Applied ESP... $1,000 Prize

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Ben Mack said...

Applied ESP... $1,000 Prize

I'll pay $1,000 to my
first student to have
a $1,000 day as a psychic

I would like several psychics
to have $1,000 days before
ESPbootCAMP, 1/31 in Boise.

Bob Cassidy said to me...
"If you believe, as I do,
in the possibility of real psychic
phenomena occurring where an
atmosphere conducive to belief
is present, it only makes sense
to create situations where
synchronistic phenomena are given
fertile ground from which to
spring forth."

I'll pay $1,000
to my 1st student
to have a $1,000 day
as a psychic on

If nobody hits $1,000, I'll double
the best day of the most profitable
contestant, one of our students
who is new to Keen.

Please post your results
in the
our Private Club on Facebook.

If you are a seasoned Keen Psychic
please email me directly, I want
to interview you and sell your
services.So if you are already
up on Keen, email me at and
please cc
and we'll make m$ney together.

This Keen $1,000 Contest is AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3...

1) if you don't already have an
account, register for a
account here...

2) CREATE your Psychic Profile

3) Keen approves your profile in 2-4 days
you start here

It is as simple as that.

you are a Bad Ass.

The Keen $1,000 Contest.

You can do this.

Start now