Monday, January 19, 2009

New Thought book cover $230 contest...

$230.00 Contest details every book get's judged by it's cover; I'd like your help with mine. In what ways might the bookcover to the right show a Living Room theatre? In what ways might the energy radiate in the shape of a heart or say LOVE?

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THANK You for your considerations.

~Dr. Ben


funDiva Christy Hoffman said...

I would vote for #51 by Lukas182

minus the border, greyscale the hearts and make the By Liz & Ben on two lines centered so no matter what name someone puts in, it looks nice.

Cuz "By funDiva Christy Hoffman" is gonna take up a lot of room!

♥tee hee♥

BBSPress said...

I would add an audience...ALL sitting on COUCHES.

Amy J + Energy = Bliss! said...

I like #74 but prefer the writing style and color in #62. I don't like the arrows on the floor going all over. too distracting and too tough to print. iF the artist can't get adjust, then I prefer #74 over #62

I really like #57, but think too tough to print well on every printer. For a permanet book cover - I like this one... great energy and a lot of suggestive stuff. Though not sure why they are all giving the Rock n roll horns! LOL!

Mrs Info Biz said...

I'd vote #76 by KMM: crisp & clean & hits the brief exactly for me.

I'm loving #82 too as I feel it's got the psychic element most strongly of all the designs, but just doesn't say 'party' like the others do.

(Side note: #51 doesn't say psychic to me, although clearly there's some party & rapport going on there. Can't help but feel this is the prelude to an upmarket swingers' night... but maybe that's just some dark twisted element of my own psyche emerging.)

Katie said...

Actually, I like the design in 80 and 72, although I'm not crazy about the font in either one. I slightly prefer the font in 72. The heart vibe/energy underlies the group - signifying both connection and caring. Everyone is obviously listening to one central person, but there is definite connection and among the entire group.

I also like the aura-like heart in 66 because it feels like the person in the middle is drawing the energy into the space.

Regarding fonts, I like the slightly bolder fonts, and would prefer to see the emphasis on Psychic Rapport vs Psychic. Again it's the connection thing I think. Otherwise it feels like a "Look at me, I'm the Psychic" statement.