Thursday, March 18, 2010

adding a ticking clock

What makes split-testing sexy and exciting? Put dollar-signs in the eyes of the viewer... show live time split-testing results with pre-launch participants "betting" on the outcome.

Mark Widawer, our mastermind partner Brian McLeod had an idea for your split-testing live, with a ticking-clock for results, you can get deep engagement by having your opt-ins "betting" on the outcome.

Optimizing is what makes your students more money. Making more money is the benefit of optimizing and engaging folks in a financial outcome is like what glues eyeballs to watch poker on TV. The ticking clock reality TV around a split-test is Brian's idea.

What I want to ask permission for, is to use your idea Mark in a call with Eric Gruber's students on Tuesday. May Audrey quote you on our call...

"For every marketing problem there is one
correct answer: _ _’_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?" ~Mark Widawer

Making money on the internet should be easy and the education to learn how to do that should be affordable and worth far more than it costs.

Given the right information and some basic resources, almost anyone should be able to earn extra revenue, make a living, or even get rich by pursuing their passions on the Internet.”

--Mark Widawer's Internet Marketing Ideology

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