Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mastermind Partners helped me train for today...

Today at 4pm is our weekly 1-Hour MasterMind.

Today, March 23, 2010 my fiancé and I also launch her new course eCommerce Incubator + eStoreOpoly. Click on the links for details.

Today at 4pm, Audrey and I meet 5 others, our mastermind partners, on what's called a bridgeline. Bridgelines are simply a conference call system, where folks call the same telephone-number to do a scheduled meeting.

I am our mastermind "Director" in the sense I read the opening and closing script, and I prompt folks along.

We begin by my welcoming folks and reading the words Andrew Carnegie read to begin his own masterminds...

I RELEASE… I release myself to the mastermind because I am strong when I have others to help me.

I BELIEVE… I believe the combined intelligence of the mastermind creates a wisdom far beyond my own.

I UNDERSTAND… I understand that I will more easily create positive results in my life when I am open to looking at my self, my problems and opportunities from another's point of view.

I DECIDE… I decide to release my desire totally in trust to the mastermind and I am open to accepting new possibilities.

I FORGIVE… I forgive my self for mistakes I have made. I also forgive others who have hurt me in the past so I can move into the future with a clean slate.

I ASK… I ask the mastermind to hear what I really want; my goals, my dreams and my desires, and I hear my mastermind partners supporting me in MY fulfillment.

I ACCEPT… I know, relax, and accept, believing that the working power of the mastermind will respond to my every need. I am grateful knowing this is so.

We do a Round-Of-Gratitude where we each say 1-thing for which we are grateful.

Today, I am grateful for my mastermind partners and the fruit of their perspectives I am enjoying with Audrey right now ;-) Thank you!

Then, each mastermind partner get's 7-minutes to State YES/NO if they did last week's S.M.A.R.T. goal, state a category of a question, ask a question.

AS MASTERMIND DIRECTOR, I seek to foster communication. I am not a Sheriff except in terms of monitoring the time ;-)

Today, YES, category is Optimizing, question is: In what ways might Audrey & I be transparent with our test results that will impress potential JVs?

During this time, I seek their input, it's not for me to tell stories, it's for me to receive their perceptions. Since you are reading, allow me to share with you my mental checklist for this blog...

1. Main Communication: Is the intended message being communicated to our core target?

2. Clarity: What if anything is confusing or unclear?

3. Appeal: Is there anything off-putting to our core-target?

4. Relevancy: Is the message for each creative concept meaningfully to our core-target?

5. Actionable: Is there any action our core-target sees themselves taking, or hears themselves saying to themselves or others, prompted by the ad?

Thanks for allowing me to focus, and return to the flow of our mastermind. Everybody gets their 7-Minutes.

Then I lead us in a round of S.M.A.R.T. goes for next week.

We close by my reminding folks we meet next week at the same time and telephone number, and reading the words Andrew Carnegie read to end his own masterminds...

I now have a covenant in which it is agreed that the MasterMind shall supply me with an abundance of all things necessary to live a success-filled and happy life. I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and my fellow human beings, to live in a manner that will set the highest example for others to follow and to remain an open channel of God’s will. I go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy.

That's C.R.E.S.T. how to do a 7-person mastermind in an hour or less.

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