Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$6.2 Million Dollar YouTube=> Your Business Card is Crap!

Congratulations to Chris Zubryd for ☂ making!
PLEASE SEE POINT A on graph above.
viral video engineered by Chris Zubryd
BROKE 1,ooo,ooo VIEWS on YouTube organically, no bots.

See Chris Zubryd's legendary viral video... click play to watch Joel Bauer in Your Business Card Sucks

Chris Zybryd before crossing the 1,000,000 view threshold.

First generation parody...

Second generation parody

Joel Bauer devotés rename the video, repackage as their "find"

This last weekend at StomperNet's Live 9, Joel Bauer said from the stage that he has netted $6.2million from that video.

Congratulations Chris Zubryd! You are who I want to see speak at Live 10. I'd go to see you speak.

Congratulations to Chris Zubryd!



TheResourceGuy said...

Wow, Thats amazing, one million views and when Ben Mack talks about it, will probably get a MILLION MORE!

Amanda Risi said...

Congratulations Chris!
You made magic!

Poster said...

A small tweak of by adding captions to the video in different languages may quadruple the viewership.

Mark said...

The 2nd Generation Parody had me rolling on the floor...

Ben you are more than two steps ahead my friend,

And Chris - Big Gongrats to you Sir!

This was awsome - gimme more,

Mark Edward Brown

Rafael said...

Congratulations Chris!

茂一 said...


Paulo said...

Love the video man --
Paulo di Barroso

Michael D. Walker said...

Not only is Chris Zubryd a talented video production expert, he's a great guy to interact with.

When I contacted Chris at Ben Mack's suggestion, I asked Chris how to pay him for his video. He was more concerned with making sure I got his video & had time to view it than he was with how quickly I paid him.

Can you guess how much faster that made me want to pay him for his work?

How can you not want to work with a guy like that?

Kudos to Chris Zubryd and thanks to Ben Mack for introducing him to me.


Michael D. Walker