Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Direct Response Branding...

Recently, something startling happened. My Bennington College fellow alumni Blaine Graboyes actually liked a Direct Response social media advertisement. Most branding gurus, especially big wigs in gaming can't stand long copy direct response ads and yet Kevin Wilke did just that.

Kevin Wilke is worth friending and following on FaceBook.

In almost every field, there are people who are extremely good at getting publicity, and monetizing their exposure. However...most that are good at getting attention AND selling products, OFTEN are not good at teaching, at getting consistently strong results from their students.

Social media loves them, within their circles, and they're regularly on Twit Cast Radio and Internet TV shows and featured in print publications.

They not only get a ton of free publicity but they also know how to really profit from the media
coverage through increased sales, name recognition, speaking engagements with platform selling of irresistible offers and sexy back ends.

To discover how these "publicity superstars" got started, chunking down how you too can get specialized skills that allow you to command professional wages. There are so many "so-called" free-enterprise teachers that preach not to trade hours for dollars. These teachers mean well, and many are very effective with some students. However, that teaching strategy doesn't work with many. Perhaps if you've heard that phrase this next idea might help you.

Discover now at minute 23 of this video, worth watching of Kevin Wilke.

Let's take a step back from our own business, and take a lesson from POKER.

Before we begin the POKER ALLEGORY, can we all agree that HAVING A POSITIVE EXPECTATION is important in business?

In poker... professional rounders chart the cash flow of their play. A professional poker player with a profitable habit of charting hir wins and losses by the hour. This kind of poker player gauges the tempo of play, the dollar amount and has a fair ability to predict how much money they will earn off that table. These poker players are trading dollars for hours. They can predict how much money they can earn per hour effort. Can you do this?

Discover now at minute 23 of this video, watch all the way through.


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Ben Mack said...

CMS Designs, how kind of you to demonstrate the DR tactics some see your affiliate link as spam. Have you heard about Direct Response Branding? One of the tactics is called The Relevant Truth, a set of tactics around using Google Alerts for profitable key words.

I admire your attempt to close a sale in a single point of contact... how very DR of you. You might well be served by taking my fiancé's course where she teaches you how to be relevant to the blog on which you are commenting ;-)

Here's what Audrey teaches me, "Being part of a community - It won't happen if all you do is pitch
your products... I show you how to engage and build your social audience naturally and in ways that are FUN!" ~ @AudreyKerwood

Thank you for being the first to comment, you broke that seal. Who else has an idea worth sharing? What's crossing your mind... are there humans reading this or just bots?

Hi real reader ;-) My name is Ben.

Valerie said...

Hi Ben: I was interested in your "interview with R. Buckminster Fuller" at age 12. What did he have to say and what did you think of him? My first encounter with him was reading about him back in the seventies. Didn't he have a geodesic home?

JT said...

Ben, I love your cordial 'beat down' of CMS..Actually, you couldn't have paid anyone for a better example of what NOT to do! Anyway, I watched Kevin's video, and I'd love to buy his training (can't lose really, I have a year to get my money back if I really can't use the material). The stupid thing is that I am the only source of income for my small, young family - and although I have the cash available, I will have to carefully weigh the potential benefits against the very real cost to my family's bottom line. Of course, I'll have to go over it with my better half, and business manager [my beloved spouse, Lauren].

After years as a "successful" corporate wonk in the high-tech world of Industrial Automation and Robotics, I became a refugee of NAFTA - and now I drive a truck for a living [at about 1/3 the pay, but they'll never send my job to China!].

I've just started a secondary project writing a political blog, and doing research for a book I'm committed to write [or 'should be committed for writing'].
-I could very easily slip in the URL to my blog, but I'm not going to do that...see I HAVE learned something-

I'm wondering how Kevin's training [and the project you and Audrey are doing] might help me get my blog off on the right foot - to build a solid (and of course massively voluminous) following of readers who leave comments. See, I want my blog to be different. I want to actually welcome and encourage debate, rebuttal, intelligent discussion from all angles of various issues. Most political blogs I see are aimed at an agreeing audience. I would prefer an audience of mostly people who DISagree with me, that I can present their ideas and arguments knowing their opinions will be respected [no matter how moronic they are - just kidding].

I look forward to your response and other comments.

Oh...and for Audrey, just for fun:

Eschew obfuscatory verbosity!