Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sydney Barrows spoke last night => GKIC chapter meeting

The genius I saw in Sydney Barrows is her uncommon sense of how rich people like to be emotionally and sensorly fondled through a sales event.

Increasing the pleasure of your buying experience will make you more money. Sydney discussed how getting your story down is your first step. BUT WHAT STORY? Sydney explains that your story is actually the experiences you give your prospects and customers.

Most importantly, what business does your prospect want you to be in.

What I most admired in Sydney Barrows is her apparently unconscious competence at targeting. She teaches her clients how to go after where the money never wasn't, never won't be. She targets the rich. Max Fischer would be proud to work with The Mayflower Madam. However, being in the audience wasn't always the premium experience she gets for her clients.

In short, Sydney Barrows cures marketingitis. She helps her clients overcome the inner shitweasel and invest in what will make them more money. This isn't big dumb advertising but prudent investments in their customer's experience. Sydney teaches Direct Response Branding from the perspective of the user's experience. SOLID TEACHING GOLD!

Please note, this was only the 2nd time she has given this presentation, a point she reitterated to us eight-times when I got board of keeping track in my mind. For long moments I felt trapped in a really bad local magic meet-up where an ameteur magicians are dropping props because her mastery of her PC is almost as poor as her inability to take responsibility for the props she brought to her stage. It was a painful show to experience and that added to the art for me.

What I noticed was that I had a choice... a choice I didn't have until recently. I had the ability to see and feel her pains, or the choice to see her genius and learn from the gifted teacher I had before me. Her genius shines through quite regularly. She's a natural sales-force who deserves to be heard because of the genius she sheds on her lucky audiences. We all have bad shows.

What I'm grateful for is being able to watch a real thoroughbred stumble. Because when she gets this talk good and tight, it is going to crush an entire stadium.

What Sydney explains is how to get her customers into the experience of their prospects and customers. This is a knack she has that is worth every penny of her $5k consulting fee. If she worked for consumer research companies, they'd charge $5ok for her insights, they'd just get somebody to transcribe the ideas and edit them into bullet points that sell their value.

Before we left, a reader of Think Two Products Ahead asked me to sign his book. That was fun. But the best part was the ride home with Audrey. I love her. I love processesing with her because it feels good and grounding. We aren't spending the entire ride making fun of nor praising the experience. We're just being. Much of the time it's funny, sometimes it's not. What I've found is that the more we process together, the more fun magic seems to fly by our sights.

And, sometimes our sites are challenged out in public. Audrey is so much naturally graceful than me. She loves ALL questions where I have a gruff tendency to jump down people's throats some times. Less often than before, because, as i previous reported the idiot problem has been quelled.

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