Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Ben Mack said...

8:50 Eastern
Welcome & Lines Open

9:00 Start
Before we begin

Ben Introduces Ross Goldberg
Ross Introduces Benjamin Garth Siddhartha Mack
(yes, that’s Ben’s birth name on his birth certificate)

9:05 Brand That Commands
You want a Brand That Commands PREMIUM PRICING.
Ben explains the profitable impact branding has on your bottom line.
BRANDING is as simple as working your LEGEND PLATFORM.

Branding inspires customers to pay premium prices, giving you BIGGER PROFITS.
It’s as simple as that... BRANDING = BIGGER PROFITS.

9:15 Broadcasting Your Media
You want your message to be heard, seen and experienced....
Smartly distributing content makes you money.

How can Media Distribution be done smartly?

The higher your R.O.I., the more smart you were. BIG MEDIA will charge you for accessing an audience.

R.O.I. = Return On Investment

Investment = Time, Money & Effort
Return = Traffic, Conversion & Profit

You want the highest Return On Investment you can get. Maximizing your effectiveness is the science of advertising called Direct Response.

“Why does a dog wag its tail?
Because the dog is smarter
than the tail;
If the tail were smarter,
the tail would wag the dog.”

You = Tail.

By being on this call you are smarter than BIG MEDIA by not playing their game. Imagine accessing millions and millions of people for free. Seriously.

FREE = The highest possible R.O.I.

However, most quote-unquote “FREE” systems have major costs. YOU WILL NEVER FIND ABSOLUTELY FREE MEDIA. There is always some combination of Time, Money & Effort.

Many that are FREE of Monetary Costs are ineffective without hundreds or thousands of hours and if you are like me I don’t have an extra 80 hours a week. I can spend 45 minutes a day.

Many that are completely FREE of Time or Effort are either EXPENSIVE and not often worth their R.O.I... or automated.

Many automated systems worked great at first, in a certain way. These systems are no longer as powerful as they once were and tonight we’re sharing with you the state-of-the-art solution. Google spots Bots. Plus, when you send a robot out to do a human’s job the robot will be robotic and make their media look like it was placed by a fool.

3 REASONS YOU CAN’T USE A ROBOT FOR Smartly distributing content.

That’s not how you build a brand that commands.

Tonight, you are learning how
Smartly distributing content makes you money.

And the first component of Smartly distributing content
is knowing what to say.

9:35 SMART Content
Branding tells you what to say.

Your Legend Platform tells you exactly what to say.


9:45 SMARTLY Distributing Content
This is so easy... first of all because it is designed to be outsourced to your virtual assistant. Or, if you are selling your services as a social media expert this is a must have and folks often get paid $100 hr for running this easy system...

It’s so easy. It’s as easy as you can get without the robot features that aren’t smart and you want the smartest, easiest system available and this is it...

Plus, we’ve created a community for the smart folks who are wanting a higher return on the investment of time money and energy. A private forum for folks to share their best practices and it is the best bargain, the greatest value going online!

NOW, all you need is the SMART CONTENT to feed in.

9:55 SMART Content = Legend Platform

Your Legend Platform is really the key to SMART CONTENT
“I’m going to invest 25 minutes with the first 16 folks who join our FORUM.”