Thursday, June 4, 2009

Post Foist Ben

Eastern Box Turtle - I Know Sometimes a Man is Wrong - Click here for another funny movie. Hi, my name is Ben, and I am a Foistaholic. Hi Ben. You're in the right place. My biggest addiction in life suddenly appeared to me as My uncontrollable desire to foist my ideas on others.

I was a foister. As opposed to meeting folks where they're at, I'd presume they wanted my direction. I foisted in all sort of ways that in hindsight are so pretty.

Post-Foist Ben
is wondering if he is living Boy-Meets-Girl or Man-In-Hole story.
Kurt Vonnegut proposed that there are three primary profitable story structures, plus one that is posthumously profitable, Hamlet. I ran Hamlet for a while and I found it hard to pay my rent habit.

Vonnegut's 3-Profitable Story Structures below are extracted from A Man Without a Country.

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Believing In Miracles said...

I like the fact that you can see Foisting for what it is. I recall having a traveling partner one time (not you) that thought it was a good idea to Foist his help on my every thought, UGGGGHHH!
I am a woman! I like to chat (talk, express, whatever!), that does not mean I want to be Foisted upon. So cool that you recognize that.
PS You are a pleasure to travel with, even though you fall asleep when you drive. :)
PSS I do not recall you Foisting, except maybe once in a thousand miles. That rates as a great score in my book.
PSSS I think the word Foist is very COOL!