Friday, June 19, 2009

Forbidden Magic

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Chris_Titan said...

Didn't they forbid you to play their game?

Does Borderland Sciences still have reprint rights for Poker Without Cards?

It was successfully branded as the remedy to the mind control bad energy that was known briefly as "El Centro ARG"...

I think that the e-book can be found on-line but if folks want a cool xerox copy sent to them in the mail they can contact me at and I will send them information on how to get this "game token"...

Howard Campbell is good energy in a tough package...cause sometimes good energy, energy that frees you or wakes you up...can seem a little edgy.

Poker Without Cards...not for everyone...but if you want to learn how to create alternatives to the line of bull that corporate media wants to trap you with...Good Energ!