Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why does a dog wag it's tail...

...Because the dog is smarter than the tail; If the tail were smarter, the tail would wag the dog!

Wag The Dog... Outsmart BIG MEDIA by leveraging a partially automated multi-media submission robot by clicking this link :-)

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Ben Mack said...

how SMART is using a social media ROBOT?

the goal of any "bot" media submission tool is FAST, Cheap & PROFITABLE, and the problem is...

==> Too many "bots" make their owners look like idiots. <==

For REAL, right! You've seen posts by "gurus" that you knew weren't real. That's so not OKay for me.

I am real on Twitter, and I want to reach a bunch of video sites and post a comment or two on social media sites I don't frequent.

I wanted to automate my video submissions + Press Releases + a few key social media sites.

Thursday night candid discussion =>

Evaluate how good my new bot is Thursday night by seeing how my new videos are ranking in less than a week.

Discover what makes a GOOD BOT!

My new robot is 1/8th the price of what I was considering... BEST OF ALL... it is a SMART Robot!

"Smartly distributing content makes you money." ~Howard W. Campbell, III

The problem is most automated video submission programs, and social media bots make robotic mistakes that make their owner look like an idiot.

Do you own a good robot?

Does your robot know better than to use the exact same phrases for each video submission? That cripples SEO Indexing... right? Kind of defeats the purpose of automating, right?

Discover what makes a GOOD BOT!

Thursday night LIVE training =>

Thursday night Ross Goldberg and I will lead a LIVE TRAINING on the use of robots for your Profitable Media Saturation... where you dominate video marketing, social media and Press Release marketing in any niche with the appropriate robot for you.

To your profitable media saturation!

To your Love & Money,


Dr. Ben Mack