Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Types of Masterminds

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There are at least
3 Types of Masterminding:
  1. Guru Mastermind,
  2. Free Mastermind &
  3. Carnegie Mastermind.
Which of 3 Types of Masterminding is right for you?

Guru Masterminding is excellent for when you want expert advice. This is a cost-effective way to efficiently access the expertise of a Maven. This is especially appropriate if you are a professional seeking to take your business online. Guru Masterminding is also especially appropriate to get ongoing direction on building a specific business module that your guru has a successful track record of repeatedly providing that service to other people just like you. Learning directly from people who have been there and don it shaves months and years off of our learning curve.

Free Masterminding is an excellent way to get restarted. However, free comes with hidden costs such as a lack of profitable contributions.

Carnegie Masterminding is an excellent for when you want to elevate and call forth your best, evolved from Andrew Carnegie's original formula as depicted in Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich.

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