Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's the key to your HAPPY, Loving Marriage?

Hi, Ben Mack here.

I'm getting married 10/10/10, and I don't know to whom.

I'm researching happy, loving and successful marriages. Please share with me...

What's the secret to your sustained HAPPY, Loving Marriage?

Thank you for blessing me with your truth.

Love & Light,



alohacarrie said...

Are you serious Mr. Mack? You have a wedding date but no bride? I wonder how the little lady is going to feel about her wedding date. I'm thinkin' maybe you shouldn't tell her on the first date. Then again, she may as well get used to you! LOL!

FernWise said...

There are no universal secrets to marriage, in my never humble opinion. In a way, a successful marriage is a whole lot like successful marketing - try a lot of things. Fail quickly at some things you try (not at the marriage! but at behaviors/roles/'rules'), and move on to other approaches.

And always keep testing ways to make the marriage better!

alohacarrie said...

Ok so if you're serious, I'll answer that as an authority. I am successful because I married myself many years ago. That is why I still have a happy relationship with both of the men that are fathers of my 3 children.

They would both marry me today, and are my dear friends, but I ain't goin' there.

I'm sure you are highly disappointed with my advice, but I'd say find a friend and give her a break. Instead of making the goal to marry, make the goal be to cherish her.

Lame advice?

Your call.

Many blessings, Carrie